Randy asked us to ask God to give words of knowledge in a different way. I had never received names.

I received the name Gabriel and went out the front to share as asked with nervousness and sweaty palms. While waiting my turn to share, the name Barbara would follow every time I thought of Gabriel. One lady responded to these 2 names.

The words related to her sister who had recently passed away and who had regularly prayed for salvation for her unsaved daughter. It seemed to be a prompt for that mother to speak to her daughter about this.

Another woman came who strongly related to these words. It was a bit confusing where or how to proceed. This lady asked for pray to remove her embarrassment over having sweaty palms. We prayed. God was doing something as much heat was felt around the head to nose region. No conclusion was reached whether the condition was healed.

Yours sincerely and thankfully,
Tony Rees (healing rooms Albion Park).