SAVE THE DATE: Free Breakfast Launch – 7.00am to 8:30am, 6 February 2015

The launch of the 2015 Wollongong Prayer Breakfast will be held between 7.00am – 8.30am Friday 6th of February 2015 at a FREE breakfast in the heart of the City at the Salvation Army Cafe Essay at 11-13 Burelli St, Wollongong. We invite you to come to this special launch breakfast and bring a friend. Please RSVP today for this free breakfast as space is limited by email to info@wollongongprayerbreakfast.org or by phone on 0415 538 183.
This year launch is aligned with National Day of Prayer & Fasting
Wollongong meeting  that will be held on the Saturday, 7th of February 2015 between 10-3PM.

The speaker will be Sam Clear.

Sam Clear walked 15,600 km on foot through South America, Central America & North America, across Siberia by train, and on foot again from Moscow to the western most point of Spain. The walk4one, for unity, thrust Sam onto the front page of numerous overseas news services as he persevered despite exceptional adversity.  Having to find food & water every day was the least of his worries: he was threatened at gun point three times, robbed at knife point, beaten up on the side of the road, came face to face with dangerous animals, was hospitalised many times and endured extreme temperatures.  The walk4one, for unity, thrust Sam onto the front page of numerous overseas news services as he persevered despite exceptional adversity.

Sam has now presented the lessons from this epic adventure in over 400 businesses and high schools around Australia, New Zealand the United States. His tale is one of extraordinary courage, challenges and love in action under incredible circumstances. 

The purpose of the annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfast is to bring Christians together from across our region to thank God for the Gong, pray for His blessing for the Illawarra and pray for each other.

The Annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfast will be held immediately before the National Day of Thanksgiving www.thanksgiving.org.au each year. The 2015 Wollongong Prayer Breakfast will be held on Friday, 29 May 2015. The speaker of the Prayer Breakfast is Lyle Shelton, the Managing Director of Australian Christian Lobby. This important national event has been a significant public statement in the Australian Christian calendar for several years now and we are thrilled to be able to hold a launch event each year in Wollongong.

We look forward to sharing more about the event at the free breakfast on February 6th, 2015 at 7am. Hope you can attend. Don’t forget to RSVP as the place is limited to 50 people only.

Warm regards,        
Your Wollongong Prayer Breakfast Organising Team
Hengki Widjaja, Wayne Morris, Warwick Marsh, Rod Denniss, Jude Hennessy

Wollongong Prayer Breakfast
PO BOX 205, Figtree, NSW 2525
E: info@wollongongprayerbreakfast.org
W: www.wollongongprayerbreakfast.org



About Wollongong Prayer Breakfast

  • The Wollongong Prayer Breakfast is an annual gathering of people who love the city, love the people of the city and love God. The purpose of the Wollongong Prayer Breakfast is to give thanks to God, pray for God’s blessing for our city, pray for each other, pray for a release of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in our city and prayerfully proclaim the words of the Lord’s Prayer “let Your Kingdom come, let Your Will be done” over the city of Wollongong and the Illawarra region.
  • The aim of the prayer breakfast is to reach and to encourage Christians in the marketplace, especially civic and business leaders in their faith and love for our Father in heaven.  Promoting unity between all those who are followers of Jesus Christ the son of God and challenging them to be salt and light to the City and the world they live in.

The coordinating team for the Wollongong Prayer Breakfast is Hengki Widjaja (Director of Itree), Jude Hennessy (Diocesan Director CCD), Wayne Morris (Former CEO of IMB), Warwick Marsh (CEO of Dads4Kids) and Rod Denniss (Illawarra Prayer Advocate) which represent Five different churches in the Illawarra. Other people of faith who are business and civic leaders from a broad array of churches will be sought as Ambassadors of the Wollongong Prayer Breakfast to ensure wider representation from as many churches as possible.