I am not sure if you have ever felt this way but often we are brought to the place of ‘when else fails how about…..’ I am convinced that the Holy Spirit desires the Illawarra to experience his presence in an unlimited way. As Churches we often try everything else and then we turn back to the core, which for city transformation is simply ‘Prayer’. At the heart of any great Revival prayer has always been the key ingredient. His pattern will always remain the same. It is not our role to reinvent that but simply conform to his pattern so that the Holy Spirit can then bless it. When Solomon built the temple according to the pattern given by the Lord, then his glory filled the temple. There are many things on offer to us to help aid us in our personal growth and Church growth. Better buildings, better music, more advertising and even networking with the ‘right’ people. But none of these matter without prayer at the centre. Revival starts with us! Revival cannot happen to those outside the Church. To revive something it means that it had life before. So only God’s people who have his life can experience revival (breathing life back in, rekindle a fire that was once there). Once his people are revived then the effects will impact the community that we live in. But remember that we are not called to live in the ‘upper room’ experience until Jesus returns, but once we are filled afresh with his power and fire we are must go down to the streets and take that presence with us. As I heard recently ‘ There is no Pentecost without mission’. Can revival come to the Illawarra? IF MY PEOPLE… It’s simply an ‘if’


A few simple thoughts from a humble man on a journey,


Scott Hanzy