About Vincent Smith


Robert Vincent (Bob) Smith is a regular presenter on Sydney Radio 2CH, one of Sydney’s leading radio stations, presenting a twice daily inspirational message known as Guideposts with Bob Smith. He is also a regular presenter of 2CH’s weekly Sunday at 7.30 program.
An ordained minister, Bob has served for nearly forty years as a chaplain to the Australian Defence Force and the New South Wales emergency services.

He is also the author of two exciting stories of adventure and intrigue. Blow the Wind Southerly is a story of adventure and intrigue set against the background of World War 1 and a mother’s attempt to see her daughter disinherited in favour of her son. Harry Drew, an intelligent boy from a poor family falls in love with the daughter of his wealthy, self-made employer. But their love, and Janie’s claim to her father’s estate seem destined for failure as her mother schemes to get rid of them. The story ranges from the grime of an English industrial town to the sparkling seas of northern Australia and the blood soaked trenches of France, as Harry and Janie fight for survival and search for each other in a world that has gone mad.

Black the Night and Wild the Sea is a prequel to Blow the Wind Southerly. Set in the turbulent era of the gold rushes and pearl fever that swept northern Australia in the 1880s, where brutal sea captains abducted natives to work as virtual slave labourers, it is a love story between two very different characters: Michael Byrnes, a warm hearted but roguish Irish adventurer, and Sele Kanawa, a beautiful and passionate Eurasian missionary. It is also a tale of a woman torn between her love for God and the work she is called to do, and her love for a man determined to make his fortune.