A Testimony

As I was shopping at Stocklands  at Shellharbour. I went to a stand, just outside Woolworths, where a man was selling gardening utensils.

I asked him where I could get my gardening secateurs sharpened. He said that he had something that would do the job.

As he bent down, I saw a long scar on the left side of his neck, going right down into his top. I could also see stitch marks on either side of the scar.

I said “That’s a big scar, how did that happen?” He replied “I don’t have a scar”. I argued back “I saw it as you bent down under the table”. He looked at me and said “My sister has a scar in that spot, she had an operation for cancer of the throat (her name was given)”

I asked if I could pray for his sister, and he replied “Yes”. I also invited him to bring his sister to the Randy Clark healing conference. He told me that she lived in Queanbeyan. I suggested he come in her place. I do not know if he came or not, given the big crowd that was there.

At the moment I am praying for a lady named Diane. I do not know who she is; God has just given me a name.

June Poland

Shellharbour City Baptist Church