Who knows what the Lord has before us as He regulates the time of all things; can we outthink Him? How often do we of feeble and finite mind, struggle against the Power that orchestrates the carolling of birds and the whispers of trees? When will we surrender thinking only within the confines of man’s knowledge and embrace the limitless abundance of The One who exhibits His artwork as a masterpiece called ‘The Universe?’

How often do we say “I want to serve You Lord”, only to complain about the road He causes us to travel? The road to Golgotha was paved with pain, rejection & sorrow, but Jesus recognised His calling was the cross; ‘For this cause I came’ He declared.  So too, Esther, risking her life to save her people by approaching the King without his invitation, acknowledged she was born “for such a time as this”.

The pattern is always the same; first we are called, then conformed, then commissioned. While ultimately there lays before us a destination of glory in the presence of God, first comes the journey which includes the cross.