This year the National Day of Thanksgiving is honouring and thanking, amongst others, those who serve in our Police Forces across the nation.
Our national office has this week received a letter from the Commissioner of Police in New South Wales Andrew Scipione, (himself a committed Christian) expressing appreciation for the focus this year on thanking our Police Officers.  Commissioner Scipione, in his letter, welcomed visits to Police Stations across NSW by Church groups in the week leading up to the National Day of Thanksgiving on Saturday 25th May.
To facilitate this the Commissioner has informed all his Regions and Local Area Commands to expect contact from Churches wanting to thank his men and women for what they do in local communities across the State. He is asking Churches who wish to honour our Police officers in this way to make contact with the Customer Service Duty Officer in each relevant Local Area Command, with as much notice as possible, to arrange such a visit. He has also asked that if local media are to be involved that the Customer Service Duty Officer be informed ahead of the visit. The purpose of the NDOT is not to attract media publicity so such coverage is not expected from our point of view, but if it is considered right in your local area that is a decision that local Churches and groups may make themselves.
The only condition the Commissioner has placed on the visits is that on site prayer sessions or evangelising of officers is not permitted during such visits.
With Police Stations expecting contact from Churches and Church groups, the door has been opened for Christians to express their appreciation on behalf of the wider community to our long suffering but diligent Police Officers who do so much to keep our communities safe and law abiding.  Let us not allow this opportunity to pass but begin to plan today to ensure your local Police Station does not miss out on this national initiative.
Here are some suggestions as to what your Church, Home Group, Prayer Group or Youth Group could do to use this opportunity in a positive and practical way to show our Police Officers that we appreciate and care for them.      

  1. Bake some cakes or buy some muffins and take them down to the local Police Station at an agreed time to share morning tea with them in the week leading up to      NDOT.
  2. Print off and frame a certificate of appreciation that can be hung in the police station after you leave as a reminder to staff that they are appreciated.  The certificate can be downloaded for free from the resource page of our website at
  3. Purchase enough of the mini thank you cards to allow you to give one to each officer and staff member in the Local Area Command.
  4. Print off the 2013 official statements from the Governor General, Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition from our website and read them to the officers during the morning tea as an official thank you from the nation. You will find the statements at the “Information” link on the home page.    

What a powerful witness this would be if every Police Station in New South Wales was visited in this way. The impact would be spoken about in Police Stations across the state for months.
We encourage your involvement in this simple but powerful expression of gratitude and honour to our Police Force.

Source: Australian Prayer Network