My name is Harry Phelps and my wife and I are the directors of Padstow healing rooms.

My wife and I and 13 others from the healing rooms went to the conference at Shellhabour, hired a house and had a great time together.

In one of the sessions Randy Clark called out a word of Knowledge saying is there someone named Jasmine in the crowd. No one replied but my wife and daughter Jasmine who is 3 years old were outside going to the bathroom.

Well for the past few days before the conference and at the conference she was coughing very bad and had flu like symtoms. After Randy called out that word she was healed, the symptoms disappeared.

My son bradley who is 8 and has undiagnosed traits of autism, was at one of the night sessions. A word of knowledge was called out by someone in the audience who had words to come to the front. The word called out was “head trauma”. I took Bradley forward and he received prayer. There was no apperent change but the next morning he woke up in bed speaking in tongues and he said, dad I have a “prayer language like you”. This touched me greatly. And I have noticed small changes in him he seems calmer and can ride a bike now, where previously he was not able to. I know Jesus is healing him slowly.

Also the healing rooms team received something significant and the presence and power of God in our healing rooms has exploded to a higher level.

I believe I also have received something from the Lord, a fire and increased healing anointing, and have had much more desire to pray for the sick outside the healing rooms on the street.

I want to thank you guys for inviting him out and look forward to partnering with you guys in the future.


Best regards

Harry Phelps

Padstow healing rooms director

mob 0450 443 944