What’s Happening in the World around us?
Pray for Persecuted Christians (especially Iraq)
New Fraternals
Pray for other Leaders and Churches in your Area


What’s Happening? 

Australians, including our congregations, are facing a new confusing enemy, ISIS.

We are coming to grips with a world that Jesus and the prophets warned us about.

Mathew chapters 24,25 contain well known insights into end times.  

Churches are wisely responding in order to help guide our thinking: See this Item from Dapto Anglican Church

This particular urgent request for prayer has gone viral. It originally came from a text message within Crisis Response International who have responded, confirming that at least 5 Christian children in Iraq have been confirmed beheaded by ISIS.

Catch the Fire Ministries and RUAP may be a controversial group in Australia. However it’s worth reading this remarkable story from the scene where two policemen were knifed and a young Islamic man was shot in Melbourne this week.  

Please pray fervently for persecuted Christians, and also that we may be found Christlike in our response to the rising Islamic world.    


Regional Events:

Two new Fraternals have just started in our region:   

One in the Corrimal/Fairy Meadow/Bellambi/Tarawanna area and another at Port Kembla.  Reply by email if you’d like to be involved or have a query. This is an exciting and promising development in our region. 


Thursday 9th October 9am. Combined Fraternal and Shellharbour Prayer Breakfast launch: (For all pastors/leaders and visitors) Morning tea included’

Note the change of venue to the Albion Park Uniting Church. The speaker will be Rick Prosser, CEO of CityServe at Newcastle. Rick has been awarded Newcastle citizen of the year. He will bringing a senior representative of the Newcastle City Council who has stories of the impact of CityServe, both in the community and for him personally. The organisers would like to see business, community and other congregational leaders involved in these events.      

See Facebook at: “Shellharbour Mayoral Prayer Breakfast”

Check out also an interesting website about CityServe New York. Note Luis Palau joking about the younger generation taking charge of the church of the future


7th November 2014,  Shellharbour Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at Bella Portofino Shellharbour. This is a combined churches event seeking to involve the wider Christian community in praying for the city. Special speaker Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. It will also be the launch of CityServe Shellharbour    


11th October 2014, SWITCH. Southern Women’s conference at Nowra.  

Theme:When I am weak….I AM strong in Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 12:9


YWAM Wollongongis organisingGo Fest Sydney June 24-27 2015.  

This event is for all who have a heart to work with churches, school groups or anyone sharing the vision to see a new wave of young and old alike connecting to God’s wonderful call on their lives. For more information visit Facebook.com/gofestsydney,or contact Sydney Go Fest email


7.30 Friday Morning Breakfasts  have a new interim venue:

The offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra 






Good News: Your biggest critic just left your community.

Bad News: He has been appointed as your conference bishop.



Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.

How is your fraternal going?


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