Just a Thought Series
 – by Lynne Drake


The Clavary Road by Roy Hession

The New “Evangelism” A W Tozer

This I Believe (The Creed) – Hillsong Live lyrics video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7AQeYL9c74

Books by Vincent Smith  read a review of Blow the Wind Southerly

A man’s desk

Their God changes path of rockets in mid air

FREEDOM the movie – http://themoviefreedom.com/video/

Google out of porn Biz – http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2014/06/06/Breaking-Google-Out-of-Porn-Biz

Why Seniors still need Newspapers

I want to live – http://ywamships.org.au/

Church bulletin bloopers – http://www.ahajokes.com/reg08.html

Warwick Marsh Interviews Mike Bickle – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvrdCbuuKNM

Important for Christians and Jews in America to know

General William Booth

No pain that any of us feels, comes anywhere near this ……..

What’s an Infidel?

Ski Jump and Airstrip

The Power of Prayer

Chris Gore Video

Prayer of St Francis

The Rev Richard Johnson – by Graham McLennan

Pope Francis lays down his blueprint for reformed church

The Call of the Elijah Revolution – the power of Prayer and Fasting

The original Revival hymn (voices of some great revival preachers of old) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e0jgX3nho8

Nelson Mandela Quote

A Grim Outlook for Christianity – Editorial in The Australian

Jeff Markin – Back from the dead; Reborn into the light – http://www.cbn.com/tv/1432634068001

Why Are Men Leaving the Church

City Serve

The Mongoose and the Red Baron 

Atmosphere of Healing

Creation to Christ
5 Things to do Before Leaving your Church

Ronald Reagan and God

The Lord’s Prayer Words – traditional

Handy Hints to get to the Next Level – Steve Backlund

Beyond Sight – Surf Movie 

Let’s Put Fasting Back on the Menu – Tony Cauchi

From the Festival of Dangerous Ideas
– ABC Q & A

The House of the Generals

Submission to Productivity Commission

God’s Business – BRW article

Can a Christian celebrate Halloween?

Halloween Origins and Customs

Halloween – Why we need to pray

8 ways you might be losing people in your sermons    

His Kingdom His Culture Studies

Personal and Ministry Accountability

He Hadn’t Shaved

The Lonely Pastor – 9 Observations

Please write to Tony Abbott re the ACT push for homosexual “marriage”

Australian Christian Book of the Year

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Like Your Church

Keiraville International Church

Langdon Stewart Update 1st September 2013

Dump Starbucks

Historic Partnership between Catholic Church and Christian Radio forms in Wollongong

National Marriage Day honours Warwick and Alison Marsh

Apostolic Passion – Floyd McClung

Resignation Letter from Peter Starr to his church

Grow a Healthy Church

PS Steve Ryan – Candidate for the Christian Democratic Party

The Apostles Creed

Wollongong Gospel Choir – The Wollongong Gospel Choir continues to provide valuable support to various churches and varied events within the Illawarra. The Choir has about 25 members and they are from various churches in the area and from varied age groups. The repertoire includes traditional choir arrangements, Southern Gospel Music and some relevant secular music. If you would like the choir to participate in your worship services or other activity, or to provide a musical concert in your church please contact the choir or email us. For more information please send us an email to wollongonggospelchoir@hotmail.comor just ring either Phillip Newton (0412 603 333) or John Sandercock on (4272 3642). Also, visit our Facebook page and “Like Us” and you will receive regular updates of our coming events.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
– This site provides a statement “A Vote for the Common Good” by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to help Australian Catholics discern how they will vote in the 2013 Federal Election.

Christian Healing Certification
 –  Global Awakening

Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia – Martin and Maureen Borrows

Finance Manager  – Christian Surfers International

Youth Worker – Gerringong Uniting Church 

Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call and Tele Conference Notes and Billion Souls Revival

Videos on Christian Heritage – Australian Christian Heritage by Alan Currie – Christian History Research by Graham McLennan

9 Marks Journal – Church and Churches

Basic Risk Management for Churches

28 Nations Pray for USA
Biography of John G Lake
New Working with Children Check – NSW Commission for Children and Young People

Bill Johnson – on Divine Thinking

Apostolic Ministerial Network

2013 Fasting Guide

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders

Dare to be Daniel – evangelism training for children 9-14 years from Billy Graham Evangelical Association 

The ad that stopped the Super Bowl

Open Doors 2013 World Watch List World Watch List

Absent – the movie

Proud Schools

Worthy is the Lamb sung by Jotta A (13 years old) – amazing talent

Christmas flash mob

The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening by J Edwin Orr

Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia – extract

Antagonists in the Church

Church Growth Through Prayer