After the Kingdom fire conference I was feeling disappointed, because I really wanted see my son,  sister in-law and myself healed.

It was Thursday morning so off I went to local pastors meeting and shared where my head was at. After the meeting, I was going north on Shellharbour Rd and a bike for sale caught my attention.

So I chucked a U-turn and went and had a gander, anyway this guy came out and spoke to me about the bike and during his spiel he said he couldn’t really clean the bike cause he got a broken neck, and he can’t touch his toes etc.

Well I said I don’t think I am here for the bike, I am here to pray for you. Well he said “I have goose bumps I think I need to go back to the Lutheran Church in Oak Flats, do you know the one? My mum and dad were married in that church”.
At this I’m having a laugh on the inside because our church meets in that same Lutheran church.

Anyhow and meet his Dad Helmet and I offered to pray for him, so I prayed a simple prayer, and then I asked did he feel anything and he said not really.  So then I asked to touch his toes which he did. I said “Could you do that before we prayed”. He said no, so I said do it again and he could.  Praise God

We as a church are studying healing.
And the other day my Daughter told us about her friend who has terminal cancer, we prayed in our service and praise God she is cancer free, thank you Jesus.

Ps Jonathan (Jono) Hyratt