Jesus’ finished work at Calvary was the key, the only key, for the pouring out of God’s new life into our lives and into the world. The same pattern applies to us. To receive and continue to live in this wonderful new life, we follow Jesus on that Calvary Road.

Roy Hession in his classic book ‘The Calvary Road‘ takes us back to square one, a refocus on the Cross of Christ and all that it means. He uses the word “revival” to include renewal or refreshment both personally and corporately. “We want to be very simple in this matter of revival. Revival is just the life of the Lord Jesus poured into human hearts”.  

Roy doesn’t leave us hanging on that cross. He simply says dying to self is the only way to find abounding, full and overflowing new life. We rely solely on God’s promises!    

This short book has been continuously in print since first printed in 1950. Millions have been sold, being published in 40 languages. 

AW Tozer also had some similar words to say about the drift to easy evangelism, promising all the blessings of Pentecost, but without the cost of Calvary.  

If we take care of our Calvary, God will take care of our Pentecost. (Acts 2:36-39, 3:19


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People and News:

Wayne Pickford, the minister of the Anglican outreach church at Berkley shares his very unique story .

He became a Christian at Mount Druit in Sydney, has been a professional wrestler plus a prison guard working in a maximum security section.

Wayne shares a few key highlights of his love for Jesus and his journey into ministry. Follow link to catch the spirit of this man of God.

Robert Vincent (Bob) Smith, a local retired services chaplain and Church of Christ minister (and heaps of other ministries) has written a couple of novels which he describes as ‘A great yarn with a few Christian nuggets’ (The first book is getting 5 star ratings). His passion is for story telling. He also has 3 daily devotional slots on 2CH in Sydney. He’d be an interesting bloke to catch up with. Ph. 0417694871     

The Apostles Creed sung like you’ve never heard before (Hillsong Live).  

The Australian Prayer Network provides a useful help to focus our prayers for the world and in Australia. See KCI link for a log of newsletters (used with permission) 

World Congress of Families Conference in Melbourne. See open letter to People of Australia following demonstrations and the recent media coverage 


Regional Events:

Tom White was with us in Wollongong last month sharing what’s happening with city wide gospel movements in other parts of the world. He had no prescriptive formulae, just lots of great stories and some common principles. 
Follow link to download the presentation. A key resource is the book Culture of Honor

11th September 2014– Ark Van Tour. Rod Walsh (the ‘Ark Man’) from Creation Ministries will be at the Albion Park Presbyterian Church. He has a van with models of Noah’s Ark. He takes a controversial stand on a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation. I include this event after alerting the sponsor (Don Burgess) that most Christians may not share all his views. All are invited to be either stretched, affirmed or just think a bit.       


13th September 2014. Launch of City Women Illawarra. Connecting women with a vision for the needs of he community, making a difference and impacting the region.


9th October Shellharbour Prayer Breakfast launch: (For all pastors/leaders) 

In preparation for our Mayoral Breakfast and to raise some awareness and support, there will be morning Tea 9.00 – 10.00  at the Albion Park Uniting Church. The speaker will be Rick Prosser, CEO of CityServe at Newcastle. Rick has been awarded Newcastle citizen of the year.      


7th November 2014,  Shellharbour Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at Bella Portofino Shellharbour. This is a combined churches event seeking to involve the wider Christian community in praying for the city. Special speaker Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. It will also be the launch of CityServe Shellharbour    


YWAM Wollongongis organisingGo Fest Sydney June 24-27 2015.  

This event is for all who have a heart to work with churches, school groups or anyone sharing the vision to see a new wave of young and old alike connecting to God’s wonderful call on their lives. For more information visit,or contact Sydney Go Fest email


7.30 Friday Morning Breakfasts  have a new interim venue:

The offices of Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids behind Central Rd shops, through KFC car park Unanderra 



Pope Francis on mother-in-laws. The Vatican’s got talent! (ignore the TV presenter)  


See some other ‘interesting’ actual church signs! Follow link


Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.

How is your fraternal going?


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