LIFE-giving Outcomes During our 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Loving LIFE – for LIFE Breakthru!

13 Feb-24 March 2013

We have seen God’s grace outpouring through many LIFE–giving outcomes during these 40 days!

What’s in this e-letter:

  • Thank you.
  • Life Break-thru Changes in Australian Parliament and Media.
  • Outcomes from the 40 Days For Life Campaign.
  • Loving Life: These 40 days in our family.
  • Melbourne Gathering: Becoming a People of Blessing.

Thank you

  • Thank you, Lord. It is such a privilege to be set apart for your purpose.
  • Thank you for standing as one across Australia and other nations to fill and overflow God’s life-giving blessing to others. We uphold you before our Father to continue to remain in his blessing.
  • Thank you for your sacrifice – particularly those who have gone without food for 40 days.
  • Thanks to those of you who have been in touch across this time and for your many encouraging, enthusiastic and inspirational contributions and responses.
  • Thanks to those who are making ongoing commitments to pray for your sphere of influence; using the Ffald-y-Brenin resource; and continuing to pray in the prayerhouse.
  • Thanks to the PIPES team Rod & Karen Schneider and National Day of Prayer & Fasting team, especially Warwick Marsh.
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Life Break-thru Changes in Australian Parliament and Media.


Warwick Marsh has prepared this report:

“I have to say this is the most amazing nation changing ministry Endeavour I have ever been involved with. It is a privilege to work with you in the battle for our nation. I notice a lot more positive media stories about God and life than usual. God is working in our nation. Here is an abbreviated timeline of major miracles …a list of what I believe are direct answers to prayer.”

Day 7 – Greens and Labor break up their alliance. Hopefully this will help the Labor party adopt more pro-life, pro-marriage policies of its Christian founder, Kier Hardie, who helped found the Labor Party in 1893.


Day 15– Senator John Madigan, the DLP Senator for Victoria, introduced his Pro Life Bill Against Gender Selective Abortion.This historic bill is the first prolife bill in Federal Parliament for 23 years.


Day 17– Sonja Couroupis had her prolife article against Gender Selection Abortion published in Online Opinion –  a website that will not be bullied into silence.


Day 20 – Dr Lachlan Dunjey has his article against Abortion of Babies with Disability in Online Opinion.


Day 22 – Prolife Premier Denis Napthine replaces pro-death Premier Ted Baillieu as leader of the Liberal government in Victoria. Pressure was also exerted by the new independent to do something urgently about Victoria’s abortion laws.


Day 25 – Pro-euthanasia Labor Opposition leader, Mark McGowan, was defeated by anti-euthanasia Liberal Premier Barnett in Western Australia. Also 3 of the 4 pro-death Green parliamentarians lost their seats. Interestingly 4 prolife Labor parliamentarians retained their seats in the new WA parliament despite a massive swing against Labor. This is great news as it is very important that each parliament retains prolife parliamentarians from all sides of politics.


Day 30– Surprisingly, a pope resigned and a new pope was elected. Pope Francis is a very Godly, humble man and a fearless fighter against abortion.


Day 36– Oppressive  human rights laws dropped by labor government.


Day 37 “Manifesto to End the War Against Women” developed by pro-Life leaders at a Strategic Consultation on 20 March 2013 at Parliament House in Canberra. On 20 March 2013, in Parliament House, Canberra, sixteen leaders representing fourteen key stakeholders and community groups representing millions of Australian men and women, met for a Strategic Consultation on “The Worldwide Problem of Gendercide” (Definition: deliberate extermination of persons of a particular sex (or gender). The “Manifesto to End the War Against Women” and the resulting “Call for Action” were confirmed by consensus as urgent action points to address this terrible tragedy. We wish to acknowledge that much of the Manifesto wording comes from the End Gendercide Manifesto which can be found at website. We believe women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights. Now is the time for action to end the war against women. For more Information contact: Brad Taylor: 08 6102 8102 or Sonja Couroupis; 0428 313 931
Day 37 – Anti free speech laws designed to muzzle the media dropped by Labor Government.


Day 37– God shakes government; God is still God in the midst of the shakings. He is exposing the heart of men.  Gillard re-elected in failed coup. Pray for our leaders.


Day 38 – Senator John Madigan, the DLP Senator for Victoria Pro Life Bill Against Gender Selective Abortion. The Bill now moves into Committee stage. The Senate is now calling for Submissions into the first prolife bill in Federal Parliament for 23 years. Submissions are due by 24th April. The date proposed for the report to be tabled is 25 June 2013.That means Public hearing can be held right through May and the first half of June.


Day 40– God has answered our prayers in amazing ways over the last 40 days.

To him be all the glory! Hallelujah Chorus


Challenges remain.

  • In these days prolife and strongly Christian Chief Minister Terry Mills of the Northern Territory was deposed by Adam Giles. We need to stand for abundant and eternal LIFE for all NT citizens.
  • The ruling Labor / Greens alliance in Tasmania is pushing a euthanasia proposal as well as a proposal to decriminalise abortion. On top of that they want to fine protestors $65,000 and send to gaol doctors and protestors for one year who choose to obey their conscience rather than the government of the day. The proposed laws are modeled on the hideous Victorian abortion laws of 2008 that allow abortions on healthy babies at 9 months on the signature of two doctors. We encourage you to read the proposed bill and check out Bill Muehlenberg’s excellent article on this bill called Tasmanian Abortion and Big Brother.
  • We each, and together, need to continue to watch, pray and stand in advocacy and social justice to see Jesus’ grace outpouring in every sphere of our influence across Australia. See for ongoing opportunities.

Outcomes from the 40 Days for Life Campaign.


With the 2013 NDOP&F focus on LIFE, we linked our 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting on LIFE with the global 40 Days for Life campaign. This year their Lent campaign was held in 19 countries and 481 cities around the world – including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne CBD & Croydon, Sydney, Tweed Heads and Brisbane. 
In this campaign the daily emails included reports of554 babies spared when their mothers changed their minds at abortion clinics. Now over multiple campaigns 7,261 lives have been saved.29 abortion clinics have closed and many have reduced their hours. 77 employees have left their role in the abortion industry – including a Sydney worker on Day 6, 2013!


Some of the stories have been included in pages 4-10 below. 

Read more stories in 40 Days for Life by David Bereit & Shawn Carney.


Loving Life: These 40 days in our family.

These 40 days have been a precious season in our family as we tenderly accompanied my father in law, Loren Tinworth, through a month or so of critical care before his death on 6 March 2013, aged 84. Our 40 Day prayer focus heightened the value of life as we honoured him for a life well lived and cherished the blessing of God’s heritage in our family.
The LORD constantly restores our fortunes and we live all we have dreamed. 

Our mouths are filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.

It is said among the peoples, “The LORD has done great things for them.”

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy! Psalm 126


Melbourne Gathering: Becoming a People of Blessing.
When: 7.30-9.30pm Wed 15th May 2013 

Where: Auditorium Two, East Wing, Stairway Church, 171 Rooks Rd, Vermont.
Be empowered and equipped with simple ways to overflow the Father’s blessings, restoring people, atmospheres and environments with God’s presence and power. Local Australian stories, by Ps Gary Morgan, Frank Jetmar, Rod Schneider and Sue Tinworth, on implementing The Grace Outpouring: Becoming a People of Blessing. (Available: Koorong or Amazon)

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DAY 6: 47 lives saved already!



The day before the campaign started, Ernie in Pensacola received a new report of abortion numbers for Escambia County, the county in which Pensacola is located.
“The number of abortions continues to decline,” he said. In 2006 — the year before 40 Days for Life started — Escambia County recorded 2,659 abortions. The 2012 total was 1,645!
“Through your faithful witness, prayer, fasting and the grace of God, we have observed a 38% drop in the number of abortions in Pensacola since the start of 40 Days for Life,” Ernie said. “Praise be to God!
 DAY 15: Closed!


“I want to spread some very awesome news!!!”
That’s the email I received from Lynda in Eugene – complete with all three exclamation marks. The Bours Health Center – the abortion facility where faithful volunteers have prayed during EIGHT 40 Days for Life campaigns – has shut its doors.
Vigil participants watched as signs, drapes and banners came down. Later that day, “we rejoiced, praising the Lord and hugging and high-fiving during our 40 Days for Life meeting,” Lynda said.
The center’s web site announces its closing – and refers any potential clients to a Planned Parenthood facility in town. So, the Eugene team is planning to move its prayer vigil – to Planned Parenthood!

“God bless!” Lynda said. “And share the good news!!!”


One year ago this Friday, our national director David Bereit and I boarded a plane for Iowa – where it was quite frigid.
We were on our way to Storm Lake, Iowa – where a former Planned Parenthood manager, who was forced out of her job after 17 years, had prayed long and hard before deciding to do the unthinkable …
… she led a 40 Days for Life campaign outside her former workplace!
As a result of this prayerful campaign and her leadership, Planned Parenthood was forced to close that location on March 1, 2012. The closure was an embarrassment for Planned Parenthood, which tried its best to downplay the impact of this courageous former worker.
Their plan was to just send their clients to their center down the road in Spencer, Iowa.
Not quite a full year after closing the Storm Lake facility, Planned Parenthood just announced they are now closing that location in Spencer!
In fact, Planned Parenthood has just announced its intention to close six of its facilities – Spencer plus another location in Iowa, as well as four others in Wisconsin.
DAY 20: 245 babies — and mothers — spared 
As of today, we have reports of …
245 babies (and their mothers, of course) spared from abortion – that we know of!
Here are some of their stories.


“I finally met my match,” said Dan in Milwaukee. “I had completely dressed for the worst – but this snow came down fast and hard – and then kept coming,” he said. “At times, it seemed like it was coming down sideways! I would have understood if our vigilers had stayed home – but they kept showing up!”
Around 7:30 that evening, a woman struck up a conversation with one of the volunteers. “How many babies have you saved out here doing this?” she asked. “Are you really doing any good harassing women?”
Dan provided the answer – 294 saves in the past three years. She said, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Dan responded, “Let’s hope so.”


Five minutes later, a young mom and her support person came out. She looked lost, so Dan asked her if she was going to be OK. She said, “I’ll be fine.”
Dan then asked, “Is the baby OK?” She said, “Yes – baby is good, too … yeah – I’m keeping him.”
Twenty minutes after that, a young mom came out in tears. “It’s going to be OK,” she said. “I’m keeping the baby.”
When Dan encouraged her to seek help at the pro-life pregnancy center, smiled and said, “Thank you – thank you for being out here for us.” Dan responded, “You and your baby made it all worth it – all of it!”


Monica had some terrific news to pass along from the 40 Days for Life vigil in Glendale. “Within a week we have had 10 turnarounds!”

For reasons unknown, Planned Parenthood was closed on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday of the previous week.

“They are normally open on those days,” Monica explained. Six of those turnarounds took place on those days the facility was not open. “The sidewalk counselors were able to help and give information to the local crisis pregnancy center,” she said. “I praise God and thank all the people who are praying to end abortion.”


“My family and I just witnessed a turnaround!” wrote an excited 40 Days for Life volunteer in Pensacola.
They watched as a young couple drove into the abortion center parking lot – but never got out of their car. After a while, they backed up to where the vigil participants were praying … and took their picture.
The woman rolled the window down, and announced with a big smile, “I didn’t do it! I’ll bring the baby by to show!”
“Praise almighty God!” the volunteer said. “Peaceful, prayerful witness works!”
 DAY 31: Abortion worker quits! 
Of the 76 workers who have had a change of heart and left their jobs, many have done so in the last two weeks of the campaign. This time, it’s a first for an international 40 Days for Life campaign.
We’ve just learned that an abortion center worker in Sydney, Australia has quit her job and left for good!
This now makes 77 abortion employees who have decided that they cannot continue with their work and walked out during 40 Days for Life campaigns.



The Sydney team tells the story of a young woman who had moved to Australia from Nigeria two years ago. She was trained as a nurse assistant, and quickly became certified to work in her new home – and this was a good thing, as her family needed money.
She enrolled with an agency and was placed at various healthcare facilities. Recently, however, she was assigned to Preterm Foundation in the Sydney area. This woman did not know that Preterm Foundation was an abortion facility.
At first, she was asked to sterilize instruments. But then she was told to help with “procedures,” guiding an ultrasound wand as abortions were carried out.
That’s when she approached the 40 Days for Life prayer group. “She was desperate to leave. But she had been placed there by the agency and was convinced if she left that would be the last job they would ever find for her,” said Paul Hanrahan, one of the 40 Days for Life leaders.
She said that with only her husband’s factory job, there would not be enough money to pay the rent. However, with the promise of financial help from various pro-life sources, she went to church and prayed … and found the courage to quit her job.
This young woman says that once she finds a new position, she will tell the whole story of what it was like to work at an abortion center.
Day 35: Tension at Planned Parenthood


Earlier during this campaign, I told you about a number of Planned Parenthood locations that were closing – including two in Iowa. A 40 Days for Life coordinator in Iowa now says other Planned Parenthood facilities are seeing a downturn in business – and cutting their hours of operation.
“Across Iowa, we’ve seen great results this spring,” said Jim in Cedar Rapids. “The Planned Parenthood abortion facility here quietly reduced their hours by 25 percent, which included remaining closed on Thursdays, after being open at least five days a week for many years.”
Jim said the center also cut its hours on Mondays and Fridays. “When Thursday came,” he said, “many clients encountered locked doors. They eventually saw the sign.”
Statewide, he said, about half of their sites have scaled back their hours – in addition to the two that closed last week. “Those closures cut over 45 more hours from their statewide hours,” Jim said. “This makes standing in the colder-than-usual weather worth it.”
The Sioux City facility, where 40 Days for Life vigils have been held in the past, was cut by 10 hours per week. “They also discontinued surgical abortions, due to the lack of an abortionist,” he said. “Medical abortions, likely via webcam, are still listed.”
Planned Parenthood in Red Oak, Iowa has also cut its hours and is now open two days each week instead of three. “Currently,” said Rod, the local 40 Days for Life coordinator in Red Oak, “they are only open 11 hours per week.”
“When God gets involved, the one thing you can count on is that He will keep changing the reason for closures and scaling back of hours,” Jim said. “He doesn’t tend to use the same method twice in a row. It will cause the collapse of the abortion industry.”
Day 36: God in Moscow
As a special time of prayer and fasting, 40 Days for Life “is the answer to a great problem in our country.”
Those words could be said about each of the 19 countries where 40 Days for Life vigils have taken place. But it’s particularly humbling to know that these thoughts are coming from Russia.
The speaker is Arevik Aivazova, the local campaign coordinator in Moscow.
Today’s entire report is an update on Russia’s first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign.


“Russia was the first country to legalize abortion, in 1920,” Arevik explained. “As a result, abortion still remains the primary method of family planning amongst most Russian women.” At 143 million, Russia’s population is less than half that of the United States. But the number of abortions is astounding.
“Officially, more than one million abortions take place in Russia annually,” Arevik said, “but this number excludes abortions in private clinics and medical abortions. Unofficially, the number of abortions in our country is more than six million a year. Now is the time to repent for the sins of past generations and stop abortion in Russia!”
Even though this is only Russia’s first 40 Days for Life effort, she said, “God’s work is so clearly seen in people’s lives.”


In addition to the vigil in Moscow, prayer is also taking place in two suburbs – Shchelkovo and Lyubertsy – as well as the St. Petersburg-area city of Vyborg.
“Our group prayed at abortion clinics,” said Elena Menchikova of Source of Life Church in Vyborg. “It was an unforgettable experience meeting with the women at the door step of abortion centers. God gave us words of prayer, which would not have happened if we had just prayed at the church and did not come in contact with these women.”
The church was asked to pray for a young woman whose mother wanted to force her to have an abortion. Some church members visited the family and showed them a model of a 12-week baby. “Both mother and daughter broke into tears,” she said, “and the unborn baby was saved.”
Day 40: No Abortions
I was in frigid Green Bay, Wisconsin yesterday for a closing event that included a march outside the hospital that does abortions in that city.
It’s a cause for rejoicing when 40 Days for Life volunteers learn that no abortions are scheduling during a day the facility is usually open – or even for a whole week. Or even longer in at least one case.
One location that had no abortions this week was a notorious late-term facility in Maryland.


“Two more lives were spared from abortion,” said Andrew in Germantown. “Praise God!”
He also noted that abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who works at the facility where the 40 Days for Life vigil is conducted on the sidewalk outside, had not been seen. “So, no abortions at all this week in Germantown,” he said. “What a great way to end our campaign!”
Vigil participants say they’ve noticed that a particular abortion centre employee has not been seen at work in more than four weeks. “Please pray,” Andrew said, “that she no longer works at Germantown Reproductive Health Services and has found employment outside of the abortion industry.”


There have been no abortions in 40 weeks at the Planned Parenthood location in Columbia where volunteers pray in the public right-of-way outside. Planned Parenthood simply hasn’t been able to find anyone to do abortions there!
“How awesome is our God and what wondrous signs He gives us,” said Kathy in Columbia.
She also mentioned a man who stopped to speak with one of the volunteers. “He said 23 years ago, he encouraged his girlfriend to have an abortion. She refused. The baby was born by C-section–he held his baby as he cried. He could not believe that he had wanted her to abort his own child.”
The man gave the volunteer a donation – two dollars. It may have been his lunch money.
“This man has such a priceless treasure — a child — and he gave us his widow’s mite,” Kathy said. “People ask us why we stand on the sidewalk. I think you know why.”

Thanks for sharing the journey,


Sue Tinworth 

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

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