Over the past 3 years, regular readers of our APN newsletters will be aware that in conjunction with Ps. Ben Gray and his team we have been involved in hosting a week of training for Pastor’s and Leaders from all denominations across Egypt. Over this time we have built a Marriage and Family training track into the conference program and this year a new and exciting development will take place as we invite 50 key young emerging leaders of leaders who will commit to be trained over the next three years; these are exciting developments. Last year 650 leaders turned up for the week, as well as 50 married couple leaders chosen to be trained specifically in the area of marriage and family counselling; this was a huge breakthrough in a culture not given to open style training in this most sensitive of areas.

As always we have seasoned pastors from the Australian church as our speakers at this event and the response from those who gather has been one of great thankfulness, deep appreciation to those of YOU who financially make it possible for them to attend. Over the past 3 years we have seen the numbers grow from 300 to 650. Our host is developing an amazing facility so we can house a larger number and to be ready for the ingathering through a great out-pouring of God’s Spirit across Egypt – a safe place in the desert region for people to assemble in relative safety.

Hear the comments from two members who came with us last year. “I was part of a conference team that Pastor Ben Gray led to Egypt. This country is the most  populous, influential country in the Middle East Arab Muslim bloc. When in its first century of existence, Islam invaded militarily all the previous Christian countries of North Africa, Egypt was the only one in which the Church was not exterminated in the ensuing centuries. Still today over 10% of the population is Christian of whom one million are evangelical. In recent times the country has been battered by revolution in the streets until the Mubarak regime was toppled. The Muslim Brotherhood was restrained during the street demonstrations but once the government fell the Brotherhood has since gradually tightened its grip over the nation turning the ‘Arab Spring’ into a tense “autumn” if not a darkened winter. The church is being battered because of all these changes. And beyond the cities, Sharia law is already practiced according to the whim of local leaders. This is a defining time for Egypt, its church and for the Arab world. Ben’s annual team visits to encourage, equip and pray for the leaders of the church in this nation is strategic and sensitively timely. It is greatly appreciated and well received by the local leadership. Prayer and financial support for a continuation of this work is vital. Rev. Dr Stuart Robinson, Founding Pastor Crossway Church

“I had the honour of joining Ben as a speaker at his Pastors and Leader’s conference in Egypt. Egypt is a strategic country for reaching North Africa and the Middle East. Despite the instability and insecurity of post-revolution Egypt, over 550 pastors and leaders came from across the nation. We were very conscious of people’s prayers because the Spirit’s presence and empowerment were tangible and evident. God moved among the leaders in an extraordinary way. Ben’s God-given vision for North Africa is inspiring. His commitment to prayer, his tenacity of vision and sheer hard work are beginning to reap extraordinary results. The potential for North Africa and the surrounding nations is so exciting. I believe in what he’s doing and support him and his vision 100%” Ps. Bruce Hills International Leadership Development Director for World Outreach International


The Church in Egypt needs us to Pray, Give and Come Alongside them at this time. History has shown that against all the odds, God the Father has preserved a people for himself in this ancient land; some 46% of all Christians in the Middle East call Egypt home. This is one reason why Egypt has a key part to play in unlocking the Gospel in the heart of the Islamic world!

Dear friends, last year we were delighted with the level of financial support from many of you, and other friends of the APN and Ps Ben. We wish to express our sincere thanks to those who gave sacrificially. This year we again need your help to facilitate this strategic training program to reach our financial goal to train 700 pastors and leaders. Can you help us by donating sufficient funds to cover the attendance of at least ONE or more Egyptian leaders. Each leader costs approximately $50 per head to train. This covers transportation, accommodation and food.

Will you please consider sowing $50 dollars to help train one leader?

You can donate via our secure PayPal donation facility at: <> Or you can make a direct deposit into our Bank account: details are, Suncorp Ltd: BSB 484 799: Account # 045303109. Account name: CityHarvest International. Email us at: <> if you have any difficulty.

Please pray for the team of 5 Australian Pastors who will be going to Egypt to undertake the training this year. Pray for us as we continue this exciting and challenging walk of faith. That we will stay open and sensitive to what is best for the brothers and sisters working with us in Egypt. We always have more wanting to attend than we can handle.

Thank you for your continued partnership and please pray for this amazing opportunity that God has given us!

Source: CHI Ministries & Australian Prayer Network