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Good News Update 72                                           7 August 2013


 Stand in the Gap for Australia and the World!


Dear Darryl


On Saturday 7 September 2013, the people of Australia will cast a vote that will decide who will lead our nation for the next three years.  It is also a vote that will likely influence the direction of Australia for decades to come. You will need to be fully informed in order to make the right choice, but more than that you need to have the right information to tell others.


Bringing the election date forward by a week seems to have everybody scrambling!  We too have a great sense of urgency and send this Good News Update as an encourage-ment to help you to pray and prepare well for this crucial election. 


Hosea 6:4 says, “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge”. With the right information people can stand
in the gap in prayer and vote wisely.


There are three things to consider when voting:

  1. The soundness of the policies of the parties and how they support Biblical values.
  2. The lives and political track records of your local candidates.
  3. The integrity and vision of the leaders of the respective parties.

Be Informed – Over the next few weeks there are likely to be three debates so you should get an opportunity to hear the leaders speak and make your decisions accordingly, keeping in mind their respective track records.  As well the Australian Christian Lobby plans to hold a special pre-election webcast on Monday the 2nd September.


We have a goal to pass on to you, in about two weeks, the 2013 Christian Values Checklist produced by the Australian Christian Values Institute that will further help you and your friends make informed choices.


It is important for you to familiarize yourself with your local candidates as well. As a supporter of the Canberra Declaration, we encourage you to endeavour to meet with your own major party candidates and also with those individuals standing for the Democratic Labor Party (DLP), Family First (FF), Rise Up Australia Party and Christian Democratic Party (Australian Christians in Western Australia).


Sharing the Canberra Declaration – We also encourage you to print out a copy of the Canberra Declaration so that when you meet your local candidates you can give them their own copy. Make sure you point out that your vote, along with many of your friends, will be decided by their support or non-support of life, marriage, family, faith and freedom. Try to catch up with the other smaller parties and independents in your own federal electorate, as their preferences could well decide the local federal seat, and the future of the nation.


This week we are mailing copies of the Canberra Declaration to our 76 Senators and 150 Members of Parliament in their electorates.  Our covering letter invites them to read the Canberra Declaration and consider the importance of preserving the Judeo-Christian foundations which has made Australia such a great place to live.  Please pray that a number of them will become signatories!


Think of Aussie Families – We need to put Australia’s children first. Our children need a mother and a father, not two mummies, or two daddies. You need to graciously point out to your local candidates, in the next few weeks, that children should not be robbed of their biological birthright to satisfy the demands of unelected politically- correct media elites who are so willing to betray our children’s future just as Esau of the Bible despised his birthright and sold it for a ‘mess of pottage’ (see Genesis 25:29-34).


 Ask these candidates if they are going to put Australia’s children first, or are they going to jeopardise the future 

of our children and the future of our nation. Ask them for a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response so you can tell your
friends. While you are there with them, offer to pray for them on the spot as this can be a very stressful time
for anyone standing for public office during an election campaign.


Pray!– Even more importantly you must talk to God about who you should vote for and as a person of faith,
stand in the gap on behalf of the land.  Ezekiel 22:30 says, “I looked for someone among them who would
build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it.


Verse 31 sadly points out that the Lord could find no-one to stand in the gap on behalf of the land. We pray
that this is not the case here in Australia at this crucial time in our nation’s history.


This week marked the start of a very special season of prayer for Australia and for the world.

  • As highlighted in Canberra Declaration News Update 70, the Australian Prayer Network has invited all Christians across Australia to a season of 40 days of daily prayer and voluntary fasting for our nation and
    for the federal elections. Prayer notes can be found on their website.

Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call

60 sec YouTube describing the Prayer Call


We believe this shows us that God is wanting to do something both in and through Australia. The devotions for each of the 40 days are written by Christian prayer and mission leaders from Australia
and around the world. They can be found in the

Billion Souls Revival Prayer Guide. Otherwise you can receive daily blogs of the devotions by subscribing on this webpage or liking Facebook page. 


The foundation for both of these calls to 40 days of prayer remains the same – the repentance of believers according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. This is the key to the national and global revival and transformation that we so badly need today.


Warwick Marsh speaks on prayer and fasting - mins

5 mins YouTube on the Power of Prayer & Fasting  


  The Canberra Declaration is asking its readers to
  consider observing this special season of prayer by
  fasting in some way over the 40 days of prayer. 


  This may be missing a meal a day, fasting one day
  per week or fasting a particular type of food or
  foods. You could even do a Daniel Fastfor 40 days
  and go vegan. To find out more watch this 5 min
  YouTube by Warwick Marsh. 


  Let God guide you as to how you should observe
  this period of prayer as we stand in the gap on
  behalf of the land.


  As we do let us remember this key truth for any


“Righteousness exalts a nation
but sin is a reproach for any people.”  

Proverbs 14:34




Thank you for your prayers and your faith-inspired activism over the coming weeks as together we believe for a return in our nation to a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Yours as We Stand in the Gap Together


Warwick Marsh & David Rowsome


PS National Marriage Day will be celebrated on Tuesday 13 August across Australia. 


In Perth there will be a special mass on the day in St Mary’s Cathedral at 6:20 PM. For more details click here.


In Sydney one of the celebrations will take place at NSW Parliament House between 10 AM to 12 noon. See the invitation below.  



Invitation to Marriage Day Sydney Event

 Dear Supporters


On behalf of the National Marriage Day Committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to the

National Marriage Day Ambassador Award 2013 Presentation

to recipients

Mr and Mrs Warwick Marsh


at a special Reception to be held in the Jubilee Room

at the Parliament of New South Wales

Macquarie Street, Sydney

on Tuesday, 13th August 2013

from 10.00am to 12.00noon


For catering and building procedure purposes – Please RSVP by 9th August

Please provide the names and full contact details of all guests to Mrs Mary-Louise Fowler



There is no charge for this event but an offering may be taken up to defray catering costs.


This year marks the 9th Anniversary of the passing of the Marriage Amendment Act 2004  

and is the 5th National Marriage Day
(inaugurated in 2009 on the 5th Anniversary of the passing of this important Act).


I look forward to seeing you to help celebrate this great occasion
and show your appreciation for the new Ambassadors.


Yours sincerely,


Louise Fowler

National Marriage Day – Convenor

Gerard Calilhanna

Coordinator – National Marriage Coalition



Car parking for the event:


Metered parking on Macquarie Street and Hospital Road or covered parking in Sydney Hospital car park.




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