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Double Our Numbers Campaign                               4 June 2015
Strategy 4 – A Call for Advocates
These are momentous days with the current frenzy of calls to redefine marriage in Australia.  This is all the more reason to keep calling Australians to sign and support the Canberra Declaration.  We believe it is only through prayer and speaking out that hearts will be changed and the tide will eventually turn.Let us not grow weary or lose heart. Let’s believe that God will see us through!


b8239abe-c7e3-4c47-a9ec-dc7a5c225ce6.pngWe are thankful for the wonderful progress made in the Double Our Numbers Campaign. Welcome to all our new signees.  A good number of you are church leaders. Thank you. 


We trust that you will all join the campaign and share about the Canberra Declaration with others. Please find a brief update so far below the blue line. You will also find links to the first three strategies which you can still use.


Today we are very glad to launch Strategy 4 which asks signees to consider becoming an Advocatefor the Canberra Declaration. 


An advocate is someone who supports and speaks in favour of a person or a cause, an organisation or a proposal.


By reading and signing the Canberra Declaration you have already shown your support. We encourage you then to ask others if they know about the Canberra Declaration. Being an Advocate is simply speaking in favour of what the Canberra Declaration stands for. In doing so, this will encourage others to read and sign it.  An Advocate doesn’t need to be an expert!


6469a938-bd6f-4237-b679-bb60194d6ca7.pngTo help Advocates share with others we have developed a downloadable Canberra Declaration Promotional Package.  

This includes –

  • downloadable A4-size Canberra Declarations and 
    signing sheets, 
  • a poster and a tri-fold brochure and
  • our newly-produced promotional video.


Here are some recommended steps.


  1. Choose a target group (e.g. your local church members, a home group or prayer group, a parachurch group, a community group, an interest group you belong to, teachers at a Christian school etc.) Read about Anne’s experience.
  2. Decide your method (e.g. set up a table, send info by email, personal visits, go to a local nursing home, share at a morning tea etc.) 
  3. Prepare your materials (download and print the materials you will need; perhaps include a sample Good News Update. If you have a laptop you can have the video ready to play.)
  4. Set a time and place and make arrangements.
  5. Ask people to read and sign (either the signing sheet or sign at the Canberra Declaration website; ensure the person enters on signing sheet their name, full address and email if they have one and signature). 
  6. Enter the signatures you receive on the signing sheets into the online form if possible (follow these directions). 
  7. Post the signing sheets to the Canberra Declaration (for tabling later in the Federal Parliament).



For this first call for Advocates, we would like to encourage our signees to consider a very special group of people as one of your target groups – our senior Australians



Already we have noticed in the Double Our Numbers Survey and New Signees Survey that almost half of those who have signed the Canberra Declaration and volunteered for different tasks are 65 years of age or more! 


The commitment of our senior Australians to an Australia flourishing on a foundation of Christian values is very clear. We therefore want to honour them and let them know that we have not forgotten them. The signatures of Australians who have lived long lives in a land that they love, will be a
lasting legacy we will treasure.


Many do not have computers and indeed many may no longer be living in their own homes. You might choose to have a special morning tea for them or visit them in their homes or in aged-care facilities. Or you might be a grey nomad meeting other grey nomads in your travels! Take every opportunity to seek out others and share with them.


Please –


  • Pray that God will raise up many advocates and place different target groups on their hearts. 
  • Pray that as we seek out senior Australians, this will be a great encouragement to them. 


We are praying for you and look forward to hearing how you get on!


Yours for getting the word out,


David and Marilyn Rowsome and Warwick Marsh



Here are some facts and figures about the Double Our Numbers Campaign.
Signees on Counter  
23 July 2014
Beginning of campaign to double signees to 100,000 
28 Aug 2014 1459 Double Our Numbers Surveys completed
Aug – now Contact made with over 500 volunteers for various jobs  
08 Oct 2014 Winners of best suggestions awarded
09 Dec 2014 Start of Sophie Scholl’s Campaign to upgrade computer systems
April 2015 Finish of entering signatures previously not entered
After many months of preparation we were ready to launch the last push of the campaign with a different strategy announced each fortnight.
23 April 2015 Strategy 1 Everyone Sharing with Someone You can still forward this email to family and friends.
07 May 2015 Strategy 2 Using Social Media or Phoning Like and follow us. Then like, comment and share our posts. More here.
21 May 2015 Strategy 3 Sharing with Church Leaders You can still forward this email to your church or group leaders.


Counter on 4th June 2015




In the implementation of the first three strategies we have realised that we are developing tools that can easily be used beyond the Double Our Numbers campaign.  With God’s help we do not plan to stop on 23rd July 2015 or at 100,000 signatures!


Can you help us as we go into the last 7 weeks of this year-long campaign.


  • e755a633-5c14-48a7-8d9c-093b48d2f359.jpgOne of our strategies involves reaching different ethnic Christian communities in Australia. For this we need those who can translate a short invitation to read and sign the Canberra Declaration, and possibly the Declaration itself, into their language. 
    If you can help or suggest a contact please let us know.
     Thank you.
  • Please pray for these final weeks that the strategies already released will continue to yield a great response. If everyone reading this were able to get 8 signatures (one page) we would be there!