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    Double Our Numbers Campaign                            21 May 2015


Today we are excited to release Double Our Numbers Strategy 3. This involves contacting as many church denominations and local churches as we can in Australia.  This was the third most popular suggestion given in our survey last year. To implement this strategy we will be using a 

two-pronged approach.


The first prong is for signees to the Canberra Declaration, like yourself, to forward this email to the leaders of your local church and/or denomination. Here are some instructions. 

  1. Click ‘Forward’ to this email in your email account. 
  2. Write a simple message saying you have signed the Canberra Declaration and you would like him/her to know about this organisation which seeks to protect Christian values in Australia. 
  3. Then simply delete your name above and all of this box.
  4. Now overwrite the name of your church leader in the space between ‘Dear’ and the comma in the salutation line below.
  5. Add a subject line to your email e.g. Invitation to read and sign the Canberra Declaration.  
  6. Then send it to their email address. You can do this for any number of church leaders.
  7. Later you might like to follow-up with a phone call and volunteer to prepare materials from the NEW Promotional Pack.

The second prong is for the Canberra Declaration Team to send the email below to church leaders on our newly compiled database. We thank our team of a dozen volunteers for the work they have done on this. We still have many gaps in our database and so welcome the help of other volunteers who enjoy searching the web.


There maybe be some overlap but that may be a positive thing to help the message get out.


Please pray that this letter of encouragement will go to many church leaders right across Australia. 


We thank you in advance for helping to get the word out.

We Need You! 

Dear (overwrite your church leader’s name here),


It is our joy to write to you as a church leader.


The words of the apostle Paul exhort us “to respect those who work hard among you, who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you.  Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work” (1 Thessalonians 5:12,13).

We affirm that we hold you in the highest regard in love because of your hard work and responsibility of spiritual oversight. Our prayer is that this letter will be an encouragement to you and a blessing to those that you lead.    


We write to enlist your help in the battle to protect Christian values in Australia. Very sadly the Christian values that have made Australia a great place to live are under a sustained attack. 


Decades of the forces of secular humanism have taken their toll on Australian society. Elevating humanity to the exclusion of God the Creator continues to undermine and erode the Australian way of life. The underlying message that ‘man is everything; God is nothing’ has resulted in the breakdown of society all around us. Where God has been sidelined, the forces of secular humanism have rushed in.  




In countering these forces we look to Jesus as the One who perfectly demonstrated and taught the values we want to protect.



And so we proclaim Him as the answer for the world and for Australia today!


Jesus boldly stood against the evils of His day speaking out the truth of God’s love.  He confronted wrong-doers who had position and power. As Jesus went about the countryside teaching, preaching, healing and doing good, he also exposed evil attitudes.


Our earnest prayer is that God will use the Canberra Declaration to encourage more and more Australians to stand for truth and stand against the evils of our day just as Jesus did in His day.


The Canberra Declaration, released on 23 July, 2010, is an urgent call to protect Christian values in Australia – in particular 

              • Religious Freedom, 
              • Marriage and Family and 
              • the Sanctity of Human Life


The Declaration, which is an 856-word statement, was written by a cross-section of Christian leaders. It declares that “when Christian values are respected and allowed freedom of expression, our society is richer and healthier”.  To date it has been signed by over 50,000 Australians.


Please watch this 3 minute YouTube called ‘It’s Time to Take a Stand’. 


Canberra Declaration - February 2015 Update

By signing the Canberra Declaration  

  • you are letting our political leaders and fellow citizens know that there are many Australians who believe that Christian values provide the foundation for a flourishing society.  
  • you are joining a growing community of Aussie believers who are taking a stand by praying and speaking out on the issues of our day.

With God’s help, we are aiming to double our numbers  to 100,000 by our fifth anniversary on 23 July, 2015. Numbers are important to our political leaders.

Will you stand with us to make a difference for the future of this nation and our children and grandchildren?


Firstly, please consider reading and signing the Canberra Declaration by clicking the blue button. 
(PLEASE NOTE: If you have already signed the Canberra Declaration there is no need to sign again)



Secondly, please forward this email to other church leaders in your networks. Our goal is for every church in Australia to hear about the Canberra Declaration.

Thirdly, use these Canberra Declaration promotional materials to encourage your church members to read and sign too. 


  • The Canberra Declaration 
  • Canberra Declaration signing sheets
  • Informative trifold brochure 
  • An A4 poster 

 You might like to set up a signing table in the church premises for your members to sign. You can download and print copies from the Promotional Pack page.  


Will you join with us to take a stand?  Please sign the Canberra Declaration today and encourage those you lead to do the same!


Thank you and God bless you.


Yours for the future of our nation and our children,


David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh 


for the Canberra Declaration Team