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Good News Update 101                  19 June 2014


Sexual Purity Breakthrough


We have great joy to report a major breakthrough in the battle against pornography and sexual impurity.  We believe this is the result of your prayers and the prayers of many around the world.  


On 6 June, Google, the top Internet site in the world, announced it is stopping all advertisements for pornography as well as all ads that link to sexually explicit websites. That is a phenomenal development, but that’s not all! Google also agreed to stop offering sexually explicit apps in their phone app store, Google Play.


The announcement came just two weeks after a delegation of anti-porn activists met with Google executives at their offices in Washington, D.C.  The organization Porn Harms, a part of Morality in Media, organized the meeting that included Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, Enough is Enough, and Focus on the Family. 

Porn Harms had named Google in its “Dirty Dozen”  which is a list of companies helpful to the porn industry.  Specifically the group complained to Google about porn on Google Play, Google-owned YouTube, and Google ads. Porn Harms says it found out about this decision via the porn industry news sites complaining about the change!


We thank God for this amazing news.  We believe it is no accident that this was announced while we prayed and fasted during the global D-Day Prayer Storm on Friday 6 June 2014.  As we shared in Good News Update 100, our American brothers and sisters in Christ called us to a time of prayer, fasting and repentance to ask God to turn back the tide of evil in the Church and our societies.


This global call to fast and pray is built upon other prayer initiatives around the world including our own 2014National Day of Prayer and Fasting followed by 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting when we focused on praying for a renewal of sexual purity.  So once again, we thank God for this amazing breakthrough which we believe is the greatest single victory in the battle against pornography in the last 40 years.   


Pornography addiction has been called a hidden epidemic. Tragically it is destroying many marriages and families and individual lives all across Australia and around the world.     


People used to have to go out of their way to find pornography.  Then the Internet came along.  With easy access to thousands of websites, the use of pornography exploded.  To make things worse, the Internet search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and others have vigorously marketed pornography.  In their quest to make hundreds of millions of dollars, they have helped promote child porn, sexual violence against women, and marriage and family breakdown. 


As we rejoice in the great ripple effect this announcement by Google will have across the world, let’s not forget the need to keep praying and dealing with pornography at a local level.  To help us in this, there are Christian organisations in Australia such as Guilty Pleasure that educate people about the harmful effects of pornography and connect those in need to professional help.


Here is a short video produced by Guilty Pleasure in which Dr. Allan Meyer, founder of Careforce Life Keys and creator of the Valiant Man series on sexual discipleship for men, shares why the Church needs to tackle the issue of pornography. 


Allan Meyer REDMinute No. 18


The Australian Federation for the Family is another organisation that can help us tackle porn in society.  It was founded by Jack Sonnemann in 1983 to support family values, protect children and turn the tide of pornography. Jack is a man of great courage who believes that this is a “winnable war”.


We ask you to do one thing besides continuing to pray. Send Google a BIG THANK YOU letter by mail to the founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page and his Board. The airmail stamp for this letter will cost you $2.60 and the envelope + paper will cost another 10 cents but this $2.70 will be a great investment in a better future for our children.


We are asking you to write a letter because a letter will have a greater chance of getting into the hands of Mr Larry Page who is running one of the world’s biggest companies. He is a very busy man. Emails could simply be deleted because they receive so many of them. 


Congratulate Google for refusing the money offered by the porn advertisers.  Then ask them to do even better than competing search engine Bing which at present offers greater protection against porn than Google.  

Address your letter of thanks to:


Larry Page & Google Board

CEO Google

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


Yours in thanksgiving to God for the breakthrough!


David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh



PS.1 Thank you for your prayers and your help promoting the Global Thunderclap Social Media Campaign to share the Gospel on June 8. This resulted in the video appearing in 1.3 million feeds with 20,000 views.


PS.2 Red Leaf Prayer Ministries in Canada are calling Christians around the world to pray during World Pride 2014, a 10-day homosexual celebration starting this Friday 20 June in Toronto.  This is the fourth such World Pride with past gatherings in Rome, Jerusalem and London.  Our friends in Canada are praying wholeheartedly for a great move of God during this gathering which will bring in a great harvest of souls.  Join them in praying by going to their website.


PS.3 We have received an URGENT request from the International Prayer Council to pray for Peace in Iraq and an end to the vicious violence much of which is directed against Christians in Iraq who are caught in the middle of the Civil War between the Sunni and Shiite Islamic warring groups who are bent on destroying each other. 


Protecting Our Australian Values 

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