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Good News Update 90                        19 February 2014

National Day of Prayer and Fasting

Just 10 Days Away

We write to invite your participation in the National Day of Prayer and Fasting on Sunday 2 March, 2014. You are invited, if you are able, to come to the Great Hall Parliament House in Canberra from 10AM – 4PM or participate wherever you are. We know we have told you about this before but there are only ten days to go and we want to make sure that you have been fully briefed about the importance of this nation-changing prayer opportunity. Many people would ask why we should bother praying and fasting. St Augustine’s words are an encouragement, “Pray as if everything depends on God; work as if everything depends on you”.


The introduction of euthanasia for children in Belgium only last week should inspire you to both prayer and action. The Salt Shakers report said, “A Bill to allow children of all ages to access euthanasia has been passed by the Belgian House of Representatives in a vote of 86 to 44. It was previously passed by the Senate. The Bill, which must be signed into law by King Philippe, will allow children who are regarded as ‘terminally ill’ and in great pain to ask doctors to end their lives through the administration of a lethal injection.”  

The move has been strongly opposed, with 38 Belgian paediatricians agreeing that the Bill is unnecessary since “palliative care teams for children are perfectly capable of achieving pain relief, both in hospital and at home . . .” This video about this issue is more than worth the watch. Check out the full report at Christian Concern.  

Please sign the online Petition by CitizensGo.  This will take just 60 seconds of your time! CitizenGo, which continues to campaign against the move, has raised in excess of 138,000 signatures for a petition appealing to King Philippe of the Belgians not to sign the Bill into law.  They are seeking more signatures before submitting the petition to the King. They’d love to get 200,000. . .   Just fill in your name, email, country and postcode. People in Australia say that the euthanizing of children could only “happen in Europe” but think again. We now live in a global village. Homosexual marriage was only something that would “happen in Europe” but it is now in 17 countries. We need the miraculous intervention of God in our nation. Australia needs a national renewal of our Christian faith. If we don’t get that renewal we too, in a matter of years, will be following Belgium in legalising the euthanasia of children.  Many Christian people call this much needed national renewal REVIVAL.

So this year, the National Day of Prayer and Fasting will be praying for REVIVAL with a renewal of sexual purity for Australia. When we accept immorality and the pornification of our society we commodify sex and devalue womanhood. When we devalue women we devalue children. When we devalue children we will abort them as we do now, or even kill them as they are going to do in Belgium. That is why this National Day of Prayer and Fasting is so important. This is an opportunity for Australians of every denomination to unite in one accord to cry out to God for His mercy and for His healing of our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

The goal with the National Day of Prayer and Fasting is to encourage local churches and individuals to pray and fast on this day as they feel led.  For more information or to register to be part of this day please go to: 

Please find a list of promotional and support material plus attachments and links below.

1.  NDOPF Promo Video – 60 Second.

2.  NDOPF Promo Video – 97 Second.

3.  Church Leaders NDOPF Promo Video – 2:42 Secs:

4.  NDOPF + 40 Days of Prayer – A4 Flyers

5.  Media Release – National Day of Prayer and Fasting

6.  Guidelines for use in churches or other gatherings are available at: 


The 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting will take place during Lent from Ash Wednesday 5 March to Palm Sunday 13 April, 2014.  Participants are encouraged to set some time aside each day as individuals, families and small groups etc. to pray and fast for REVIVALand a renewal of sexual purity for Australia.  As in previous years we will be providing daily devotional thoughts via email for those who would appreciate this extra encouragement.  This year the daily devotions have been prepared by prominent Christian leaders from all walks of life.  See more details at

We would greatly appreciate your promotion of these prayer events as our nation stands at the crossroads. As it says in the scriptures; “Revive us and we will call on your name… that times of refreshing may come from the Lord” Psalms 80:18 & Acts 3:19. Please pass this information on electronically to those who may be interested in to your own church and social networks. We are happy to resource you with posters and other promotional material to help you get the word out. All the details can be found, as well as order forms, at

A live webcast from the Great Hall in Parliament House will make it possible for other church gatherings and special events to link in at any time.

We look forward to the possibility of praying and fasting with you for REVIVAL and transformation in Australia.

Yours for our children

Warwick Marsh & David Rowsome

PS:  Bernard Gaynor received 500 emails of encouragement from subscribers to the Canberra Declaration for which he is most grateful. Keep writing to your own local Member of Parliament about Major Gaynor’s proposed decommissioning. We must not give up the fight for truth and justice.

Another Member of Parliament said that they had received more than 800 emails supporting man and woman marriage. On behalf of the majority of Coalition members who support marriage he asked me to thank you for your labour of love as this is the first major campaign email since the election. For many in the Coalition this is their first six months in parliament so this is the first experience that they have had with a positive pro-family campaign and it has been a good one.

Thank you again and keep up your great work.

Protecting Our Australian Values 
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