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Good News Update 125                                        17 April 2015

 A Victory for Life! 


We try not to fill your box with too many emails, but when we have a victory in the battle for life, we have to write to you to tell you about it, especially as you, as part of the Canberra Declaration community, have played asignificant role in that victory.



Victorian Liberal MLC Bernie Finn arguing
against the 
Abortion Law Reform Bill in 2008 

Firstly, we want to say thank you for your prayers and your emails in the battle tokeep the debate on euthanasia in the Victorian Upper House. In 2008, when abortion was referred to the Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) the end result was the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008. Australia then became home to what Victorian Liberal MLC Bernie Finn continues to describe as the worst abortion laws in the Western world.


On Wednesday, a miracle occurred in the Victorian Upper House. The motion put by the Greens to refer euthanasia to the VLRC was effectively defeated without going to a vote. This was not what was expected. A number of Liberals, the party generally considered to be pro-life, had sided with the Greens to support their pro-death motion. It was the so-called pro-death Labor Party working with pro-life crossbench members that stalled this pro-death motion.


DLP MLC Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins spoke strongly against the motion and took the opportunity to speak on the value of life.  Today she replied to those who wrote emails saying, “the Greens retreated from the debate”and even though they have “now stated publicly that a vote will be held in May … it is unlikely they would risk another embarrassing defeat.” 


This extraordinary turn of events can only be described as a miracle of God’s grace. Miracles usually occur when people launch out in faith and do something. Your ‘doing something’ helped bring this pro-euthanasia motion to naught. The ingredients in this miracle victory for life were: 

  • We asked you to pray and you prayed. THANK YOU.
  • We asked you to send emails to the Upper House Members and thousands of emails were sent. Pro-death members even complained in their speeches about the volume of pro-life emails. Note: a small number pro-death emails were received. THANK YOU AGAIN.


The Canberra Declaration acknowledges the prayers and work of many like Paul Russell, Founder and Director of HOPE AustraliaAustralian Christian LobbyAustralian Family AssociationEndeavour ForumFamily Voice AustraliaSaltshakers and the many Right to Life and pro-life groups and advocates. We thank God for those DLP, Labor, crossbench and Liberal parliamentarians who are pro-life advocates. A list of those who spokeagainst this potentially disastrous motion is found below. Please write and thank them for speaking against the Greens motion.


This year we have seen others instances of Christians praying and sending emails which have resulted in the tide turning in a particular issue. This is what being part of the Canberra Declaration community is all about. Ourgoal is to build a loving and caring community of people passionate to support faith, freedom, marriage, family and lifeTogether we can do it!


This is why we are passionate about the Canberra Declaration community growing. This is why we are about to launch the final phase of the campaign to Double Our Numbers to 100,000 signees by 23 July 2015We want to be more effective for the coming battles. To achieve this miracle we need much prayer and everyone’s help. As Saint Augustine once said, “Without God I can’t, but without me God won’t.” 


  1. We ask for your prayers. To double our numbers by the 23 July will be a miracle of prayer first and foremost. Please pray for favour with prospective Canberra Declaration signees. 
  2. We need your help to grow. Please help us put into action your suggestions received in our survey. We will release a different strategy every two weeks over the next few months. 
  3. We need your help financiallyThe Sophie Scholl ‘Double our Numbers Appeal’ to raise $21,000 (Stage 1 of $50,000) began in December in 2014. See our video here. This money is needed to double our numbersimprove our communication and marketing, refurbish our website and renew our technology to cope with higher numbers as well as pay our current ongoing costs. Thank God over half of this, $12,211,has been raised so far. Thank you to those who gave. That leaves only $8,879 of Stage 1 to go. Praise God!



Courtroom Scene from Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
The simple strategy of the Sophie Scholl ‘Double Our Numbers’ Appeal was to honour this young woman’s sacrifice by asking our community to give $21. Many of you gave more. Some gave $21 for each family member. Sophie Scholl was only 21 years of age when she was martyred in 1942 by the Nazis for her faith and defense of human life. This is one of the core values of the Canberra Declaration. We believe in the sanctity of every human life. The Nazis widely practised euthanasia. Just yesterday Holocaust Remembrance Day was observed by Jews and others around the world. 
Will you honour the memory of Sophie Scholl’s bravery in her defense of human life by giving generously to this appeal? We can reach the remaining Stage 1 goal of $8,879 by 419 giving $21 or by 42 giving $210 or by 4 giving $2,100 or many other combinations. Give now!


A victory for life occurred in the Victorian Parliament yesterday, in which you played a significant role. The
thousands of emails that the Upper House MLCs received this week had an effect. Numbers are important to politicians, that’s why we want to double our numbers. As Paul Russell of HOPE Australia said, “Miracles happen when lots of good people do lots of good things.”  


Together we can build a stronger Canberra Declaration community to support faith, freedom, marriage, family and life. Thanks for your help.


Yours for the defense of human life,


Warwick Marsh and David Rowsome


PS. Please give to the Sophie Scholl ‘Double our Numbers’ Appeal by clicking the donate button below. You can give $21three times that figure, ten times that figure or even 100 times that figure. The final amount is up to you. Raising the full $21,000 is essential for this important campaign. Together we can make a difference. 
For Your Emails of Thanks


Those who spoke against the Greens motion:

Those who spoke in favour of the Greens motion:


1.    Rachel Carling-Jenkins – DLP

2.    Inga Peulich – Liberal

3.    Jaala Pulford – ALP

4.    Harriet Shing – ALP

5.    Bernie Finn – Liberal

6.    David Davis – Liberal

7.    Shaun Leane – ALP

8.    Cesar Melham – ALP

9.    Gayle Tierney – ALP

10.Philip Dalidakis – ALP


1.    Colleen Hartland – Greens

2.    Mary Wooldridge – Liberal

3.    Fiona Patten – Sex Party

4.    Craig O’Donohue – Liberal

5.    Damian Drum – Nationals

6.    Georgie Crozier – Liberal

7.    Wendy Lovell – Liberal

8.    Simon Ramsay – Liberal

9.    Greg Barber – Liberal


 Thank those who spoke against the Greens motion (the first group of 10 MLCs) to take the euthanasia debate out of Parliament by referring it to the Victorian Law Reform Commission.  Keep in mind that a number of these may actually be pro-euthanasia but nevertheless want the debate to remain in the Victorian Parliament. You therefore may like to comment briefly on the insidious dangers of euthanasia.


Use the Australian Family Association Email Politicians Tool to send your thanks. 


Click ‘E-mail your politician’ in the Main Menu.

Click left ‘E-mail members of parliament’ button. 

Untick Federal Parliament.
Tick Victorian Legislative Council.
Tick the DLPLiberal and ALP parties.

Untick the MLCs that are not in the first group.

Compose your message.



Thank you!