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Good News Update 125                                        14 April 2015

 Keep Euthanasia Debate in Parliament




We write with an urgent situation requiring immediate prayer and action.



Greens MLC Colleen Hartland put forward a MOTION, with life and death implications, which will likely be debated tomorrow Wednesday 15 April in the Victoria Legislative Council (Upper House of the Victorian Parliament). It moves that the matter of legalised euthanasia (or physician-assisted suicide) be taken out of Parliament and referred to the Victorian Law Reform Commission.


In December last year, Ms Hartland put forward and withdrew the same MOTION and it was not expected to reappear anytime soon. It seems something has suddenly changed to make her decide to move it again.


Here is the latest blog from Paul Russell, the Director of HOPE for preventing euthanasia and assisted suicide in Australia, with an insightful analysis of the situation.


Terri Kelleher, Victorian President of the Australian Family Association, writes that “it is not appropriate that such an important social issue is referred to the Law Reform Commission rather than be dealt with in parliament by our elected representatives.”


Had this process been followed in the past, Victoria may not have ended up with some of the most appalling abortion laws in the Western world – the Abortion Law Reform Act of 2008.  Jenny Stokes of Salt Shakerswrites, “the Law Reform Commission ‘recommended’ that abortion be legalised – and that was then put to the parliament and passed.”


The Canberra Declaration states – 


“We believe that all human life, being made in the image of God, has intrinsic and equal value from conception to life’s natural end.

The very heart of a humane and civilised society is based on the way it treats its most vulnerable and innocent members including the unborn and the disabled. We therefore insist on the right of all persons, including those who are vulnerable or dependent, to protection from conception to natural death.

We will not comply with any directive that compels us to participate in or facilitate abortion, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide, euthanasia, or any other act that involves the intentional taking of innocent human life.”


Please pray – 

  • that God will speak to the hearts of Victorian MLCs and MLAs about the deliberate taking of human life through euthanasia.   
  • that the Victoria Legislative Council MLCs vote against the motion and that parties will block-vote against it. 

Please write –  

  • a short email in your own words to Victorian MLCs even if you don’t reside in Victoria!  For what happens in Victoria on life and death issues such as euthanasia (and previously abortion) affects all of Australia.   



Let them know your concern that the proper place for any debate on euthanasia is IN the parliament and any decision should be made by elected members of parliament.  



We must not leave the life and death issue of euthanasia to the Victorian Law Reform Commission.  They are an unelected bureaucracy which is unaccountable to the public. As such they may draft their own Bill which could then passed by the Victorian Parliament as was the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008. 


NOTE: Remember that the subject line is the most important part of the email.  Make sure it clearly communicates your position. Use your own words e.g. Please do NOT refer Euthanasia to the VLRC.


You can click here to email all Upper House members (excluding the Greens) and the Premier, Daniel Andrews, Deputy Premier, James Merlino, the Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy, and the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Stephanie Ryan, and urge them to oppose the motion.


Sending your email is effective right up to the time of the vote. This could be as late at 5 pm tomorrow.


Thank you! 


Yours for our children,

David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh 



Before Easter we mentioned that we were looking forward to sharing Double Our Numbers strategies with you. Our aim is to double the number of signees to the Canberra Declaration from 50,000 to 100,000 by our fifth anniversary on 23 July 2015.

Since the launch of the campaign on 23 July 2014, we have been

. processing the 460 suggestions you gave in the online survey,

. mobilising the 577 signees who volunteered to help us and

. raising funds for a better communication system. 

Volunteers have been tidying up our existing contact databases and building new ones. Others have been helping us with social media and phoning jobs. Most importantly we have many now who are covering the ministry in prayer.

Next Thursday on 23 April 2015 we will send to you a special Forwarding Email asking you to send it on to your family, friends and contacts. It invites others to read and sign the Canberra Declaration and then pass it on to others too. It will feature our newly produced promotional video ‘It’s Time to Take a Stand’

Together we can look to God to double the number of signees to the Canberra Declaration and to grow a community who will make a difference for faith, freedom, family and life in Australia.