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Good News Update 92                        13 March 2014


Deeper Breakthrough – National Day of Prayer & Fasting  

It is our joy to share with you the great things God that has done through the latest National Day of Prayer and Fasting.  Already we are beginning to see results. We believe the news story in the Australian Newspaper on day four of the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting and the day six story on Four Corners could well be part of the prayer breakthrough.

Lou Engles, the visionary and co-founder of The Call Solemn Assemblies wrote, “There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens. . . It is in these times that key men and women, even entire generations, risk everything to become the hinge of history that determines which way the door will open.”

We believe the call to pray and fast for Australia is one such door.  We live in desperate days.  More and more our world is characterised by turmoil, confusion, instability and apostasy.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged by all that is taking place but through National Days of Prayer and Fasting and 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting we can bring all this to God.  It is an opportunity to humble ourselves in repentance and cry out to our God – for He is the God who saves.

We have created a new documentary called ‘Deeper’ which is the story of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting told through the eyes of four people who travelled to Canberra to come to pray. Please find a promotional clip for which will be shown on TBN Satellite at 3:30pm this Sunday 16th March. We invite you to order your own copy with a bonus copy of the Power of prayer Documentary and almost an hour of extra footage. These can be purchased by making a donation of $20.00 or more to the National Day of Prayer and Fasting. We will post it out to you for free. Click here to make a donation.

Make sure you give us your name or address so we can post out your free copy. Allow three – four weeks for delivery.

NDOPF Short Promo 1

NDOPF Short Promo 1

The National Day of Prayer & Fasting, Sunday 2 March 2014, began with an extended time of worship.  Mixed with songs of praise were prayers of adoration and thanksgiving to God.  This then flowed into a time of repentance with a special focus on prayer for a renewal of sexual purity in our nation.  During this time two ministries, which highlighted the enormity of the problem of pornography, were prayed over.  These were Guilty Pleasure and The Australian Federation of the Family

The webcast averaged about 3,000 viewers with a total of 6,000 log ins over the 6 Hour period. Follow the Webcast version here at this Link.

Then during a time of prayers for our leaders a new ministry called ‘Million Men Praying’ was launched with the heartfelt prayers of many women who came forward.  The day culminated with prayer for REVIVAL.  And so the day reached its climax with the fervent prayers that God would pour out His Spirit on Australia.  God did this in Melbourne in 1902 and He can do it again.  Even now there are fires of revival in some remote indigenous communities in the Central Deserts in WA and in the Northern Territory.  We need to ask God to fan these flames into a mighty blaze!

Many who took part have said that this fourth National Day of Prayer and Fasting has gone to a new and deeper level.  Ps Matt Prater, the Chairman of the organising team, shared that “the day exceeded all expectations as seen in the numbers of those who attended on the day; those who viewed the live webcast; those on Facebook and the number of churches around Australia who took part.”  We thank God for the spiritual momentum that is building!  We are hoping that next year there will be many more local observances of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting right across Australia.

In closing we want to say thank you to those who took part in the National Day of Prayer and Fasting.  Firstly we thank those who prayed in the Great Hall in Canberra and in many other locations across Australia.  We also give a special thanks to those who made a much needed donation toward the running costs.  By doing so we believe you have become a ‘hinge of history’ for the future of Australia.

Yours for a “Deeper Breakthrough” of prayer and fasting for Australia,

David Rowsome and Warwick Marsh

PS. The deadline for submissions for the Review of the Australian National School Curriculum has been extended to this Friday 14th March 2014. To help make a strong case for Judeo-Christian values in the new curriculum we ask that you to consider making a submission. Anybody can place a submission. It need only be a couple of sentences with your name and address.

This Review was instigated by the Coalition because considerable concern had been expressed, across the nation, that ‘Labor’s national school curriculum’ ignores the fact that many freedoms and values we enjoy in modern-day Australia are founded on the Judeo-Christian belief system as stated in The Preamble to the Canberra Declaration. Please find below a very comprehensive explanation by Ps Brian Robertson with appropriate arguments to inspire you further to take the “action required.”

Click here to make an on-line submission of less than 400 words:


Send Your Submission – Review of the Australian Curriculum

Education is never just about conveying facts to the next generation, but it also includes the worldviews and frameworks in which those facts are understood and interpreted.  There will, therefore, always be debate about what is taught to our nation’s children, and governments of different political persuasion will want to see different things emphasised in the curriculum.

On 10 January 2014, the Minister for Education (Hon Christopher Pyne) announced – in accordance with a Coalition pre-election commitment – a review of the Australian Curriculum.  Mr Pyne said, “The review will evaluate the robustness, independence, and balance of the Australian Curriculum by looking at both the development process and content.”  The Coalition – and conservative-minded academics and educators – had been increasingly concerned that some aspects of the standardised national curriculum were too heavily weighted towards a so-called ‘progressive’ worldview.  

Mr Pyne appointed Professor Ken Wiltshire [J D Storey Professor of Public Administration, Leader of Not-for-Profit Unit of the University of Queensland Business School, and former chair of the Review of the Queensland School Curriculum] and Dr Kevin Donnelly [Executive Director of the Education Standards Institute, Senior Research Fellow at Australian Catholic University, and a former secondary school English teacher for eighteen years] to conduct the Australian Curriculum Review.  Both men have previously expressed concern with aspects of the national curriculum, and their appointment was immediately criticised by the Australian Education Union, by some senior educators, and by some sections of the media.

However, it would seem that there could be a measure of legitimate concern about some aspects of the national curriculum.  The curriculum highlights three areas – indigenous heritage, Asian influences, and environmental sustainability – that are to be woven into all subjects as undergirding all educational content.  There is very little about our Western heritage, which has had a far greater impact on the development of modern Australia, and there is almost nothing on the Judeo-Christian foundations that shaped Western civilisation.  Christianity is hardly mentioned, except in a fairly negative light, and there is no recognition of Christianity’s positive contribution to literature, the arts, science, healthcare, education, the development of human rights and freedoms, and every other benefit enjoyed in Western society.  Students could complete twelve years of schooling under the current national curriculum and graduate with absolutely no awareness that Western civilisation is founded on Judeo-Christian principles and values.  They would know a lot about Aboriginal legends, Asia, and caring for the environment and preventing climate change, but would not understand that the freedoms and prosperity that we enjoy as a nation flow out of worldview that is based upon Christianity.

  Points that ought to be made to the review (and to Mr Pyne) are –

  • Restore a focus on our Australian heritage derived from Western civilisation, which is based on the Judeo-Christian tradition;       
  • Explore Christianity’s positive contributions to literature, the arts, science, education, the development of human rights and freedoms, and so on;        
  • Make mention of the Christian beliefs of significant individuals in history when considering their accomplishments and contributions;       
  • Recognise that Christianity has had a far greater impact on shaping Western society than any other religion [It is only those who hold to no religion who claim that all religions are of the same value and significance.];
  • Include the study of the Bible as a part of literature (even prominent atheists like Richard Dawkins say that the Bible ought to be taught in schools as a literary document that has influenced much of Western literature);
  • Remove the inappropriate comprehensive sex education, which is presented without any moral framework, as a purely biological function, and inclusive of all sexual expressions;
  • Reject the “stamping out homophobia” anti-bullying programs, which, in fact, are a promotion of the homosexual lifestyle;
  • Respect parental rights in all matters, particularly the right to withdraw their children from any instruction that they deem inappropriate;

Public submissions to the review close on Friday 14 March, so, if you are reading this before then, go online to the Department of Education – Review of Australian Curriculum [ Curriculum] and write some comments.  If you miss this opportunity, contact Hon Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education [PO Box 6022, House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT, 2600, or call (02) 62777350, or email] to urge him to implement these changes to the Australian Curriculum when the matter comes before him for consideration.

This Analysis has thankfully been prepared by Pastor Brian Robertson:  (PO Box 2367, Bundaberg, 4670) 

Protecting Our Australian Values 

P.O. Box 378, Unanderra NSW 2526


The Canberra Declaration is the work of many people and organisations.
The administration of the initiative is being supported by the Australian Christian Values Institute and Australian Heart Ministries.

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