The Australian Prayer Network has been offered the services of internationally renowned teacher David Tidy from Prayer Warriors International in the United Kingdom who will be in Sydney for 3 days from 25th to 27th February inclusive.

Some of our longer term members may remember David as part of the Intercessory Prayer Team from Britain who undertook the British/Australian reconciliation tour to Australia some 15 years ago.

Through his teaching David seeks to train people in recognising and understanding the spiritual battle in which Christians are involved today, seeking to impart discernment and giving prophetic insight so they are better equipped to be prayer warriors in the end time battles we face today.  

He will teach on the pulling down and destroying of spiritual controlling networks, rather than attacking principalities and powers, so that we can keep what God gives to us in the way of liberty and freedom from our victories in battle.

As a guide to Pastors and leaders, David would be better used in teaching experienced Intercessors with some basic understanding in the areas mentioned.  It may be difficult for Christians inexperienced in spiritual warfare to grasp some of the concepts he will share. 

If your Church or prayer group would be interested in hosting David Tidy on one of the dates mentioned above, please email me at with your request and telephone contact details by no later than 28th January, and I will call and discuss the possibilities with you. 

In Christ,

Brian Pickering
National Coordinator
Australian Prayer Network

Source: Australian Prayer Network