National Day of Thanksgiving – Saturday 31st May 2014


*  To purchase Thanksgiving cards, ribbons and balloons over the counter go to any Koorong Store Australia wide.

*  To purchase large quantities (over 20 packs) of cards, ribbons or balloons go to order via the internet.

*  To purchase cards, ribbons, balloons or stick on badges with delivery by mail, email ring 02 9939.2113 Slightly higher charges apply to cover cost of postage and packaging. Resources page of costings. This method is excellent for folk who cannot get to a Koorong Store.

*  To download posters, Church Info Documents, School Info Documents, the NDOT logo, radio promotions, video promotions for use in Sunday services and more go to Resources page of

*  Don’t forget to organise a night of worship as part of Australia Worships on the Saturday night of the NDOT.

*  Don’t forget to arrange “thank you” morning teas to honour and thank those in your community who are the focus of this year’s NDOT. With this year’s focus on neighbours why not invite your neighbours in for morning tea!

*  Don’t forget to organise home groups and/or the youth in your Church to undertake acts of kindness throughout your community on the NDOT.

*  Don’t forget to send cards to those who you want to say thank you to in your community or sphere of influence this year.

*  Don’t forget in your Sunday services, to thank those in your congregations who have gone “the second mile” during the past 12 months.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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Organisers of the NDOT have a vision to release our young people onto the front line of outreaching to those with needs in their community using the NDOT as a vehicle. We are doing this through engaging with Schools across the nation but we also want to engage with Church Youth Groups and/or ad-hoc groups of young people wanting to do something meaningful for those in need. Why not encourage youth whom you know to organise themselves and set aside Saturday 31st May for organised acts of compassion to the poor and needy within their communities. Why not as families or individuals do a good deed for an elderly or disabled person in your neighbourhood.

We are looking for energetic, creative and visionary young people to take the initiative in their community to organise their peers into specific acts of kindness that expresses the love of Jesus to those in their community in the greatest need. If you are one of those young people with that kind of initiative why not start organising now by talking to your Pastor about discovering where the greatest needs are in your community and inspiring other young people to join with you to meet these needs in creative ways.

We would be delighted to hear of any exciting initiatives that come out of such planning so that we can share them to encourage and inspire others.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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Monday to Friday in the week leading up to the NDOT on Saturday 31st May 2014

Challenge your congregation to undertake acts of kindness throughout the community during that week. Why not think of ways that you can bless those who serve you, your family and your community throughout the year. People rarely get thanked and you will be surprised at the response you get and the opportunities that will open up to share the Gospel. You only need to take the plunge by demonstrating the Christian values of honour and respect to those who give great service to our communities without hardly ever receiving recognition and thanks. Encourage your congregation to engage with their neighbours in ways they feel comfortable doing.


Saturday 31st May 2014

Hold special breakfasts (at no costs to the guests) to honour those in the categories that have been selected to be thanked and honoured this year. Visit our website at find out which segments of our community are being thanked this year.  Honour your local members of Parliament, both Federal and State, your Mayor and local councillors and leaders within the business world by also inviting them to participate in thanking those in your community that you have chosen to honour.

Have your Youth Groups, or even your whole congregation, spend the day going throughout the community doing acts of kindness for those in special need of assistance in the community i.e. the aged, infirm, single parent families, special needs etc.

Gather family and friends together for special morning teas or lunches to say thank you to each other for the support that others give to us throughout the year.

At night join with Churches across the nation in “Australia Worships”. Organise a combined Churches gathering in your community to worship, celebrate and give thanks to God for all His goodness to us as a Nation and as His people. We do have so much to thank God for.


Sunday 1st June 2014

Let’s remember in our Sunday services to thank God for His great goodness to us but also to use this special Sunday to thank those within our congregations who go the second mile to make our congregation “the best”. 

Be creative and come up with your own ideas! Don’t let it pass without making it something that will impact your community.


Source: Australian Prayer Network

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South Western Schools Ministry committee supports chaplains in 13 government schools in the Brighton, Glenelg and Marion areas in South Australia.  They use The National Day of Thanksgiving to thank the school principals and Line Managers for their support of the Chaplains in their schools. Each Chaplain is given a goodie bag of homemade biscuits and nice tea and coffee bags. The committee also uses the NDOT cards and balloons as part of their thanksgiving celebrations. 

How will you be celebrating the National Day of Thanksgiving in your community?  Please let us know so that we can tell others.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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