National Day of Thanks – Saturday 27th May 2017


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Again this year we are running a Gratitude Photo with Story Competition.  The three best photos with stories will win a Colin Buchanan personally autographed CD.  Colin, an Ambassador for Australia’s National Day of Thanks, is a Christian singer/song-writer performing in concerts across the nation.


Email your best gratitude photo with matching story to by 31st May 2017.  When you email us please provide your full name, phone number and postal address.  Prize winners will be notified by email the following week and your Autographed CD will be mailed to you.  Your story and photo will be published on our National Day of Thanks website.

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Australia’s National Day of Thanks 27 May 2017

Dear Friends,

We have just celebrated Anzac Day and remembered the sacrifices made by so many for the freedoms, security and peace that we so easily take for granted in this Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.  We have remembered their bravery and recounted their victories.  We have paid tribute to our current serving men and women.  Yet when the day is over, do we just go back to life as usual or do we really continue expressing gratitude toward others as part of our way of life? 


On the 27th May this year we will again have the opportunity to celebrate Australia’s National Day of Thanks.  This is a day where we, as a Christian nation, can in unity thank God for the freedoms and blessings we enjoy each day.  Each year we provide a focus to help you reach out to someone else and say Thank You for the contribution they have made to your community or to your own life.  Have a look at the focus we recommend for this year and consider who you can thank.

There are many different ways to show gratitude.  It may be as simple as going up to a person and thanking them for what they do.  You can send a Thank You card or you can carry some of our Mini Thank You cards in your purse or wallet and thank the person who has just served you, or you can just encourage another person by saying Thank You.  You’ll never know what a difference a small gesture of gratitude can make to someone else’s life until you reach out.  Have a look at the different products available on our website that you can use to show appreciation to others.

You can also show gratitude as a group or a church and there are a number of stories on our website about what combined churches have done in their communities on our National Day of Thanks.  This Day gives churches an opportunity to unite as the body of Christ to just bless their community.  Have a look at some of the stories

Australia’s National Day of Thanks is not just about one day a year.  It is an opportunity to express, in unity, to God and to others a way of life we should all be living, a grateful way of life that becomes a blessing and encouragement to others.  We can so often flippantly say thank you and not really be expressing true gratitude.  I think of a friend who was once a nurse in India and the story she shared about not speaking Thank You to anyone because it was not a custom where she grew up.  As she shared her story, I learned the importance of speaking out the words Thank You to someone else.  You can watch Mary’s Story on our website

Whether you are an individual, a small group, a church, or a group of churches, can I encourage you to be part of our National Day of Thanks and make a difference in your community by saying Thank You to those who so often go unrecognised as they selflessly serve and help others less able or less fortunate than themselves.  And when you have reached out your hand of gratitude, would you please email us your story with some photos that we can share with others.  Send your stories and photos to

Robert J Burman – Administration Coordinator – National Day of Thanks

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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