The National Day of Thanks – Saturday – 27th May 2017


National Day of Thanks Focus for 2017

We are providing a Community Focus and a Personal Focus to help you find ways to say Thank You.  Additionally you could hold a combined churches community wide Free Family Festival.  Have a look at our new Community Festivals page under the How To menu for ideas about what you can do.

For the Community Focus we suggest thanking those working in the Trades. Tradesmen, Tradeswomen, and Apprentices such as Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Builders, Tilers, Painters, and Auto Mechanics, to name but a few.  We often call on these services in emergencies or late at night when something goes wrong.  Thank them for their service to our lives and our communities. 

The Personal Focus is an ongoing one of the Unsung Heroes in your life.  Who are they?  They are always there when you need them.  They encourage you when you’re down, they laugh with you, or give you a shoulder to cry on.  They can be amongst your friends, family members, work mates.  And what about that long lost friend or family member, reconnect with them and tell them how much you have appreciated their friendship.  Whoever they are, make a point of thanking them. As always we encourage you to look for different ways to express thankfulness in the way you celebrate this Day, and also in the way you live. 

Have You Ordered Your FREE National Day of Thanks DVD?

Our Free 2017 promo DVD is available for you to order.  It contains information about this year’s Focus presented by Colin Buchanan, our new National Day of Thanks Ambassador. 

There are stories of what has happened around our country, plus stories about how saying Thank You can impact other people’s lives, and your own life.  We take so much for granted in this great Nation we live in, but what about people who haven’t grown up here, what does saying Thank You mean to them.  A must watch is Mary’s Story about how she learned to say Thank You.

Often we hear from people who say, “What can I do?  I am just one person.”  Then they tell us about how they gave a Thank You card to someone and the difference it made to that person.  The question “What can you do?” is often answered with one little Thank You at a time. 

To order your free DVD go to the Resources page on our website and complete the request form.  Provide your details and correct mailing address and we will mail your DVD to you.

New National Day of Thanks Products to Help You Say Thank You!

This year we have released two new packs of Thank You cards to help you say Thank You.  Abstract Flowers and Sand n Surf cards.  Each pack contains 6 cards 3 each of two designs with envelopes. 

We have also released new Ken Duncan Mini Thank You cards, 30 cards per pack 15 each of 2 images.  These business size cards are great for carrying in your wallet or purse to say Thank You to those who serve you, or just to encourage someone doing it tough.

You can order National Day of Thanks products from a Koorong store near you during April and May, or you can order anytime directly from our on-line store.

Thank You for supporting our National Day of Thanks.  

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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