NDOT products, with the exception of the stick on badges, have now been distributed to Koorong stores across Australia. They are available for purchase across the counter in all stores Australia wide, or online from

For those unable to access a Koorong Store the same products plus the stick on badges may also be purchased through the NDOT office either by email at by phone to 02 9939.2113 Purchases made through the NDOT office cost slightly more due to having to add postage and packaging costs into the purchase price.

For full details on how to order NDOT products, to view images of them, and to obtain the cost of the respective products please go to

Source: Australian Prayer Network



Two new products have this year been added to the range of items that can be purchased to add value to your celebration of the NDOT. Two new card designs are now available. There is a new Daisy design which is a conventional card but slightly smaller than the older cards. The second is a new Bottlebrush design in a postcard style card which does not require an envelope. Both cards come in packs of 5 and retail at Koorong for $3.00 a pack or $3.50 posted to you from the NDOT office. The highly popular mini thank you cards, which sold out last year, are back and we have increased the print run this year to meet the expected demand.

And just a word regarding our best sellers from last year
Balloons give an instant feeling of celebration, so are an ideal addition for a festival or for simply wanting to brighten up a room for a morning tea or thank you luncheon.  Events involving children would obviously benefit from the addition of balloons which could also be used to add colour to Sunday Thanksgiving Services.  Last year schools especially found the balloons, which come in packs of 25, an exciting and popular product.
Mini Thank You Cards
For those who are time poor but still want to say thank you to people they appreciate, the mini thank you cards received an overwhelming response last year.  In fact we underestimated demand and ran out of stock. They were very popular because there is no writing required, no addressing of envelopes and no stamps or trundling down to the Post Office to mail your card.  You simply put a pack of 30 cards in your wallet or purse and hand them out to people who give you good service or have been a blessing to your over a period of time.  Ideal ways of saying thank you to shop assistants, bus drivers, tradies, doctors, dentists or anyone else who come across your path and you want to say thank you for what they do for you. The good thing is they can also be used year round!

Source: Australian Prayer Network



Most Churches are always looking for ways to get their congregations more focused on outreaching and connecting with the community they serve.  There is no better, or less threatening vehicle, than the National Day of Thanksgiving to give people a natural way to be a blessing to others in their community.  Why not purchase products in bulk and break them down into small “kits” for purchase by members of the congregation for use as NDOT approaches.
A pack of 5 cards, 10 ribbons and 30 mini cards could be sold to members of the congregation for $9.00.  That would allow each member of the congregation to bless up to 45 people in their community by acknowledging them and expressing appreciation and thanks for who they are and what they do for others.  Multiply that by the number of people in your congregation and see what an impact your Church could have on bringing smiles to faces and impacting the culture of your community.  And what a conversation starter to open up opportunities to talk about the love of Jesus to non-Christians.   Saying thank you opens doors that nothing else can.

Source: Australian Prayer Network