* To purchase Thanksgiving cards and ribbons over the counter go to any Koorong Store Australia wide. The multi design pack introduced this year is proving very popular. There are also the slightly smaller “Daisy” card, and the postcard sized “Bottlebrush” design as well as some popular designs from previous years.

*  To purchase large quantities (over 20 packs) of cards or ribbons go to and order via the internet.

*  To purchase cards, ribbons, stick on badges, and mini thank you cards with delivery by mail, email or ring 02 9939.2113 Slightly higher charges apply to cover cost of postage and packaging. The “Products” page of gives costings. This method is excellent for folk who cannot get to a Koorong Store. 

*  To download posters, Church Info Documents, School Info Documents, the NDOT logo or radio promotions, for use in Sunday services and more go to Resources page of

*  Don’t forget to organise a night of worship as part of Australia Worships on the Saturday night of the NDOT.

*  Don’t forget to arrange “thank you” morning teas to honour and thank those in your community who are the focus of this year’s NDOT. 

*  Don’t forget to organise home groups and/or the youth in your Church to undertake acts of kindness throughout your community on the NDOT. 

*  Don’t forget to send cards to those who you want to say thank you to in your community this year. Do not forget those who we are especially thanking and honouring in the finance industry and our fathers, father figures and mentors

*  Don’t forget to, in your Sunday services, thank those in your congregations who have gone “the second mile” during the past 12 months.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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Here is a summary of what you can download free of charge from our website. Go and have a look, you may be surprised.  under “Resources” or “Products”.

* How to Order Cards, Ribbons, Mini Thank You Cards, Balloons and Stick on Badges

* 2015 Audio Downloads. Listen to this year’s Community Services Announcements and use them yourselves wherever you think appropriate to promote NDOT.

* 2015 Order your promotional DVD, portions of which can be played during Church services or wherever you think appropriate to promote NDOT

* 2015 School Information Document – A must for schools that want to be part of the NDOT 

* 2015 Church Information Document – particularly helpful for Churches wanting to start out on the NDOT journey.

* 2015 Printable Downloads – you can download free of charge and without copyright restrictions “Thank You Certificates”, “Posters”, “Name Tags” and “With Compliments” slips to assist you with your promotion of the day in your local community and Church.

* National Day of Thanksgiving Logo and Artwork – these may be used freely to promote and identify NDOT activities. There are no copyright restrictions so you don’t have to worry about that.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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Whilst the day time activities of the National Day of Thanksgiving are designed to say thank you to each other and to undertake special events throughout your local community to promote Christian values to the general population of your city, town or suburb, the evening is set aside to say thank you to God.


Churches across Australia are invited that night to gather together between 7.00PM and 9.00PM local time to celebrate the NDOT and say “Thank You” to God for the abundance of His blessings towards us individually and as a nation over the past year. There is no better way to thank God than to worship Him, so Pastors and Worship leaders are asked to give the lead in arranging this opportunity to allow people to express their thanksgiving to God through the worship, bible readings and declarations that have come to make Australia Worships the unique event it is.


There is no set program for the evening. Each organiser is free to give if the kind of flavour that they believe is right for their people. Suggested Bible readings and declarations are available on our website at so that we can make the same declarations into the heavenlies right across Australia. 


And don’t forget to make your Sunday service a special Thanksgiving service!

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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