National Day of Thanks next Saturday 28th May 2016


What Does Our National Day of Thanks Mean to You? 


I guess the answer to that question would have as many different responses as there are people to answer it.  But maybe it is a question that we should ask ourselves.  I can’t answer that for you but I can share with you what it means to me. 


It was in a little Church on the first floor in West Ryde Sydney back in 2004.  There were many of us from different churches all there to hear the vision of this new National Day.  Brian Pickering, National Coordinator of the Australian Prayer Network, shared how the vision of this Day came about.  How it first came as a request from the praying people around our Nation and how it was supported by the Governor General, Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition at that time. 


As my wife and I were sitting there, she saw a picture of a banner across our Nation.  She could not read the words that were written on the banner, but she sensed that they were very important for our Nation.  I sat there, my heart full to bursting with love for my country, and then the question started to dawn on me, how truly thankful am I for all that I have and all that we have in this Nation? 

I stop and think of all the times I have complained about the things that I do not have and hardly given a thought to all that I do have.  And then there is the matter of being thankful to someone else who serves without complaint, and I benefit from their serving.  When and how often do I truly say Thank You?  While my wife could not read the words written on that banner over our Nation, I think there is a challenge there for all of us to answer.  Could our answers to this question be the very words on that banner? 


Robert J Burman

Administration Coordinator

National Day of Thanks


Official Statements of Support

Official statements of support from the Governor General and the Prime Minister have been received and are on the website  Although a statement of support has been received each year from the leader of the Opposition, unfortunately this year we have not received a statement due to the upcoming Federal Election. 


Declaration and Scriptures for Thanksgiving Services

Declaration and Bible reading scriptures are available on the website  


Tell Us Your Story

Each year we search for stories of what has happened around our country on our National Day of Thanks.  We would very much appreciate hearing what you have done.  It may not seem much to you, but every little expression of appreciation has an effect and can change someone’s life.  Once your event is over please send us your story and some photos to  Telling these stories is a very important part of promoting our National Day and encouraging others. 


Have a great National Day of Thanks 2016! 



Source: Australian Prayer Network

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