1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “Give thanks in all circumstances,…”

In order to have a grateful heart you must learn to be grateful for the imperfect people around you and the imperfect situations in your life.  Be grateful when your child attempts to make the bed, even though they make it all wrong.  Be grateful when your spouse expresses affection, even if they do it a little awkwardly.  Be grateful that your body still moves, even if it is more wrinkled and lumpy.  Don’t wait to feel thankful.  The thinking and the doing will create the feeling.  To “give thanks in all circumstances” calls for a decision and an act of your will, not just an emotional response. 

The reality for us Christians is that of ourselves we probably don’t have thankful hearts, or at least not all the time.  And yet God’s word instructs us to be thankful in all circumstances.  To give thanks to God no matter what might be happening in our lives.  Give thanks in the good times as well as in the bad times.  We also know that a grateful heart is something we should ask God to give to us.  As He gives that thankful heart to us we are able to see things differently, and reach out to others and give gratitude and thanks to them.  We are actually giving something from the heart of God to others and we can do that every day of the year, not just on our National Day of Thanks. 

The Mission Statement for Australia’s National Day of Thanks is “Thanking God . . .thanking each other”.  The Day is about Christians from across the country coming together with one united voice in praise and gratitude to God for the blessings and freedoms we have in this nation.  The Day is also about publicly demonstrating thankfulness to people in our community, and this is why we provide different focus ideas each year. 

We also produce products to help you express gratitude to others.  These products are available from a Koorong store near you, or directly from the Austhanks website.  Go to or to see what is available. These products are designed to be used not just on one Day a year but all year round.  Part of our goal is to encourage a thankful heart in our nation, a thankful heart that we live out of every day of the year. 

Why not say Thank You with a National Day of Thanks card?  Our Mini Thank You cards are business-card sized so you can carry them in your pocket or wallet, and give to someone who has served you or helped you, or to someone you want to encourage.  Who are you thankful for? 

Thank you for supporting our National Day of Thanks.


Source: Australian Prayer Network

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