National Day of Thanks – Saturday 28th May 2016



I guess a person could answer that question with: “So What!  Just look around at all the trouble in the world.  This week some 30 people in Brussels were killed by terrorists and no one knows how to stop these killings.  Our own Nation is on high border alert.  Look at the continuing price increases, how expensive it is to buy or rent a home in our capital cities, and how hard it is to make ends meet.  And you ask me what am I grateful for?” 

We can all feel this way if we only look down at the difficulties we face and the strife we see all around us.  But if we look up, to where our real help comes from, we see a very different picture.  The difficulties and strife don’t just disappear, they are real, but how we view things, how we view life, changes.  We start to be grateful for the things we do have and especially at this time of year – Easter.  We have a loving God who humbled himself, became a man and died for us, to redeem us back into His family, His kingdom.  So how can we not be thankful? 

Australia’s National Day of Thanks is about encouraging and enabling people to show gratitude first to God and then to each other.  This Easter take the time to express your gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ for his great love and sacrifice for you and for the ones you love.  And while you are doing that why not start a gratitude challenge and write a list each day for a week of all the things you are thankful for.  At the end of the week read your list and consider how you feel.  How important is gratitude as a part of you and your family’s way of life? 

For more information on Australia’s National Day of Thanks and how you can be involved go to the website a look at the products available and order a Free promotional DVD about the Day. 

Have a grateful Easter.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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