How do you say Thank You? 

There are many ways to say Thank You, but how often do we say it? Our National Day of Thanks team produces products to help you express gratitude to others, and especially on our National Day of Thanks.  However, we often seem to struggle to find people we can thank, particularly those who are seldom thanked for what they do. Have you been to our FaceBook page lately?  On 20 January this year, Annette from our team, posted a very moving video clip about Jackie, the wife of a police officer.  Her video is a sobering reminder of those who risk their lives to keep us safe. They are people just like us. They have wives, husbands and children. They are uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters just like us.  Watch Jackie’s video here  You must see it and then ask yourself, “Have I ever thanked a policeman?”  

What’s New for 2016 

Just arrived from the printers are two new NDoT card sets to help you say Thank You. 

Did you watch Jackie’s video?  Well we have a product that you can carry with you in your purse or wallet or pocket to give to a police officer when you next see one.  Maybe when you are being breath tested.  Or when you are walking past a police station, why not drop in and say thank you.  With these little cards you can show them they are appreciated. 

Mini Thank You Cards the size of a regular business card with 30 cards in a pack comprising 15 cards of 2 different designs.  Great designs and powerful words of appreciation.  They can really touch hearts. 


New Premium Range of thank you cards with images by our Ambassador and award winning photographer Ken Duncan.  These cards come in a presentation wallet of 6 cards and envelopes – 2 cards each of 3 stunning images.  Show someone you value them.  Not just once a year, but every day or every week, or as often as you like. You can order these beautiful new cards now on our on-line order page at  Just click on the Products menu option.  Or you can purchase them from a Koorong store during April and May.  Our thank you cards are available to purchase from our website all year round. 

Thank you for supporting our National Day of Thanks.


Source: Australian Prayer Network

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