2016 Brings Change


National Day of Thanksgiving has had a Change of Name


At our National meeting in December 2015 it was decided to change our name to avoid confusion with America’s Thanksgiving Day.


The new name is National Day of Thanks and the new website is you use the old website address, you will be automatically transferred to the new site.  The appearance, resources and our goals have not changed.  Australia’s National Day of Thanks continues with an added energy to see our nation become a people who live with genuine hearts of gratitude.



National Day of Thanks Focus for 2016


Our National Day of Thanks is about being thankful.  First to God for the Nation we live in and the blessings and freedoms we enjoy.  The second part is thanking each other, thanking those who have made a difference in our lives and the life of the community.  It is to this second part of our Mission Statement that we provide a suggested focus to help churches and individuals find ways to celebrate our National Day.


Our Suggestions for 2016 are to thank and honour people in the following areas:

·         Those working in Medicine, Medical Research and Health Care.

·         The Unsung Heroes in your life or community.


For more information go to our web page and watch the video at



Free 2016 Promotional DVD


Our Free Promo DVD for 2016 is now available.  You can order your DVD by simply going to  


The DVD contains a video on this year’s focus; messages from our Ambassadors; reports about National Day of Thanks events that have taken place recently; and Luke’s Story, which is about a young boy’s journey through cancer and how gratitude has made a difference in his life and in the life of others.


Some people say, “What can I do, I am only one person?”  You will be surprised how much difference one person can make to someone else’s life by just saying “Thank You!”


Thank you for supporting our National Day of Thanks.


Source: Australian Prayer Network

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