24 October 2013


Dear Church Leader,


Greetings in the precious name of Jesus!  We write to invite your participation in two major prayer events
for REVIVALthat will take place during March and April 2014 – theNational Day of Prayer and Fasting followed by the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.


The most recent National Census shows a further drop of 2.8% in those who call themselves Christians in Australia from 63.9% in 2006 to 61.1% in 2011. At the same time we are seeing many of the Judeo-Christian values, which have made Australia a great place to live, being undermined on many different fronts. Therefore, we will be praying for an outpouring of the Spirit of God in revival and transformation for Australia. 


Each year our main focus is for people to come to Christ through prayer-based evangelism.  We need to see
an explosion of church growth. This happened in Australia in 1902 starting in Melbourne and again in 1959 through the Billy Graham Crusade. 


We will also be praying for a revival of sexual purity in our nation.  Educational programs and changes to laws are not enough. We need a change of heart. We need to cry out to God and ask Him to stem the tide of sexual immorality that is flooding our society – pornography, promiscuity, adultery, rape, paedophilia, sexual abuse of children, sex tourism, sex trafficking, prostitution and other immoral behaviour mentioned in the Scriptures. 


This is an opportunity for Australians of every denomination to unite in one accord to cry out to God for His revival and for His healing and transformation of our nation.


Please watch this short promotional video by three prominent church leaders.


National Day of Prayer and Fasting 2014

Promo National Day of Prayer and Fasting 2014 – 2.42 secs



The National Day of Prayer and Fastingwill be held on Sunday 2 March, 2014.  We invite you to mark it on your calendar.  Our desire is to encourage local churches, para-church groups and individuals to pray and fast on this day as they are able.  We will provide some suggested guidelines closer to the date.  As well, we invite you to come to the Prayer Service in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra between
10 am and 4 pm (or send a representative from your church).  A live webcast from the Great Hall will make
it possible for other gatherings around Australia or individuals to link in at any time.  


The 40 Days of Prayer and Fastingwill take place during Lent, from Ash Wednesday 5 March to Palm Sunday 13 April 2014.  Participants are encouraged to set some time aside each day as individuals, families, small groups etc. to pray and fast for REVIVALfor Australia.  Daily devotions written by Australian leaders from churches and different sectors of society will be sent via email. You can sign up for these even now.


NDOPF 2014 90 sec


We would greatly appreciate your promotion of these prayer events.  This 90 sec Youtube gives more details of the theme. 


We would be very grateful if you could

  • pass on this information electronically through your own networks, 
  • mention these events in church bulletins
    and other publications, and 
  • return the Request Form by email or mail
    if you would like to receive promotional materials.

We look forward to the possibility of praying and fasting with you for REVIVALin Australia and the return of sexual purity to our land.


Yours in Christ,


David and Marilyn Rowsome


for Ps Matt Prater, Dr Graham McLennan, Warwick Marsh, Ps Ben Irawan, Wes Leake and Sue Tinworth
National Day of Prayer and Fasting Organising Team





PS. This media release of 22 October gives more details.