1. An Australian Vision to Plant 100,000 Churches!

 2. What Discipleship Materials will we use when we have Revival?

 3. The Price We Pay for Negligence by Dr Francis A. Schaeffer

4.Bestselling author: Australia must keep its Christian Roots

5. Intercessors to meet in Sydney  2016 

 6. ‘Mugabe Steals Another Election,’ says well-known investigative journalist 

7.Less than $12 to kill Australian unborn babies

8. Make it Count National Webcast



1. An Australian Vision to Plant 100,000 Churches!

“Empart exists to ignite church planting movements among unreached people”

“Our primary goal is to see 100,000 churches planted and established among unreached people in Asia by 2030” They have already surpassed 10,000!

Transformation Centres provide Empart Church Planters with one year of Bible training, ministry training and the practical skills they need to reach out to their communities.

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An excellent 36 minute presentation on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NVSNA1taL40#at=110


2. What Discipleship Materials will we use when we have Revival?

Here’s one recommendation:

Making disciples
“I am so thankful I found your ministry on the internet. Your materials on discipleship are “THE BEST” I have found anywhere. I’ve looked for years in the US for Discipleship training material and could not find what I liked. Yours is top notch. Especially Books 4 and 5 seem to be the “BEST HANDS-ON” approach to mentor believers into disciples that I have ever found. We have a tendency in our churches to talk a lot about “Making Disciples for Jesus Christ” but not always understanding either what that means or how to do it. Thank you for your marvelous resources.” – Pastor R. David Reynolds Central United Methodist Church, Decatur, Illinois USA

This Australian produced Discipleship training is the urgent need of our churches. Jesus’ call is not just to win converts, but to ‘make disciples’. Only making disciples fulfils the Great Commission. Therefore, we must get back to the simplicity of straight down-the-line discipleship training as the central purpose of the Church. And this is what we want to help you achieve with the following tools.

• Over 100,000 of these books in print!
• Currently being used in over 20 countries Worldwide!
• More than 12 translations into other languages in process.

Website: http://www.omega-discipleship.com/index.php/books-resources/discipleship


3. The Price We Pay for Negligence by Dr Francis A. Schaeffer  

Francis SchaefferDr Francis Schaeffer

“If the majority of Christians persist in their complacency, we will increasingly lose our freedoms. “

As I state in A Christian Manifesto, America was greatly influenced by Reformation ideals. This is not to say that all the founders were Christian. Nor that the Christians were totally consistent in their political theories. However there was a Christian underpinning which distinguished America’s birth from the French and Russian Revolutions. Even the non-Christians recognised a Creator who gave the “Inalienable rights” in contrast to man or the state being the giver of those rights.

Today, however, we are a nation “under man”- centred around man’s self-appointed autonomy, governed by man’s fluctuating opinions and chiefly existing, it seems, to give man personal peace and affluence. In other words, the Judeo-Christian ethos, based on God’s absolutes, has been supplanted by a secularistic, humanistic, arrogantly arbitrary philosophy.

This wordview is spreading rapidly, and our legal system is a prominent perpetrator of it. Law in this country has become situational law, controlled by a small but dangerously powerful elite. The courts are dangerous because they pontificate arbitrarily what they personally consider to be “good” for society, yet they demand – and aggressively enforce – absolute allegiance to their arbitrary decrees.

But what did we expect?

The humanistic, secularistic thinkers have merely carried their philosophy to its logical end. They have remained true to their woridview in both words and actions while, unfortunately, Christians have equivocated. They simply have not taken the Lordship of Christ seriously.

Instead, Christians have largely shut up their spirituality into a small corner of life Sunday church or their Bible studies instead of realising that the Lordship of Christ is to permeate the whole spectrum of life. They have coasted along complacently, often serving up such dogmas as “you can’t mix religion and politics,” or “you can’t legislate morality,” or “we just need to pray and witness to people” – when what they really meant was we just don’t want to be disturbed.” They were content in their “comfort zone.”

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4. Bestselling auther: Australia must keep its Christian Roots

FamilyVoice Australia   7 August 2013

Bestselling author of The Book that Made Your World Dr Vishal Mangalwadi arrives in Brisbane today from California to embark on a 3-week national speaking tour.

The international lecturer and social reformer will be speaking on “What Good is Christianity? How would Australia look without it?”  in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

“I will present the case that the Australian society is an offspring of the Western civilisation created by the Bible.  It can continue to prosper only if it remains faithful to its Christian roots,” Vishal Mangalwadi said.

“Why are people from so many nations so keen to migrate to Australia?  They want to escape cultures where corruption and oppression make life unbearable, into a superior culture where justice, civility, freedom and peace flourish.

“Australia can be a blessing to other nations, but must not forget the secrets of its success.

“Western decline can be reversed if we return to biblical values,” he said.

Jailed for serving the poor in India, Bible teacher Vishal Mangalwadi began to ask himself: What makes a just and free society?

What Vishal discovered changed his view of life.  His insights have the potential to change how we look at our nation now – and how we see Australia’s future.

Hear Vishal speak at events hosted by FamilyVoice Australia from 8-24 August.  Details at www.whatgood.net.au


5. Intercessors to meet in Sydney 2016

Australia is to host the Global Prayer Summit in Sydney, February 2016

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6. ‘Mugabe Steals Another Election,’ says well-known investigative journalist

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

HARARE, ZIMBABWE (ANS) — Judy Bachrach, a well-known investigative journalist has claimed that Robert Mugabe has stolen another election in Zimbabwe.



Writing in World Affairs Journal (www.worldaffairsjournal.org), Bachrach said, “Robert Mugabe, who has governed Zimbabwe since 1980 and is responsible for the deaths and wrongful imprisonment of thousands of his countrymen, won a landslide victory just days ago: a whopping 61 percent of the 3.5 million votes cast. But those votes didn’t come his way because he’s really popular. And they didn’t fall into his pocket without plenty of help.

“Among the many ‘irregularities,’ as the newspapers are fond of saying in discussions of Zimbabwe’s famously corrupt voting history: In a country of 13 million, where 51 years is the average life expectancy, there were some 900,000 duplicate entries on the voting registry. Among those entries were 109,000 citizens over the age of 100. You vote for Mugabe, as things turn out, you live longer. A lot longer..

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7. Less than $12 to kill Australian unborn babies

Family Voice Australia                   2 August 2013

“It is tragic that Australian women can now abort their babies from as little as $11.80,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.

The abortion drugs Mifepristone (RU486) and another drug taken in conjunction, Misoprostol, are now available through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

“This controversial medication destroys the developing fetus in the womb by depriving him or her of nourishment. Another drug (Misoprostol) is then given to help expel the dead baby.  This process may be extremely painful and lead to heavy blood loss and infection. Some women, including at least one Australian, have died of septicaemia as a result. An SA study of 7,000 abortions found a significantly higher percentage of complications after RU486 abortions compared with surgical abortions,” Mrs Phillips said.

Last month, the journal Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences also published a study showing that women face a significantly higher risk of mental illness following an abortion compared with an unplanned birth.*

“Is Health Minister Tanya Plibersek aware of the many women who have suffered as a result of abortion, and deeply regret their decision?” Mrs Phillips asked.

As counsellor Anne Lastman points out in her book Redeeming Grief, abortion trauma and grief does not start the moment the woman leaves the abortion clinic.  It can start any time, during the decision making process prior to the abortion, or at any time from then on, even as much as forty or fifty years later.  Psychological problems arise when a woman suppresses the emotions involved.

“The federal government is currently making cigarettes significantly more expensive, in the interests of public health.  It is astonishing that the same government is making more cheaply available a death drug which harms women and kills babies,” Ros Phillips said.

* Bellieni , C., & Buonocore, G. (2013). “Abortion and subsequent mental health: Review of the literature”, Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 67(5), 301–310. Retrieved from http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/pcn.12067/full


8. Make it Count National Webcast

Australian Christian Lobby



In brief

  • Online registrations are now openfor the Make it Count 2013 Election Panel.
  • Ask your church leaders if they would be interested in registering your church for this live event on Monday, September 2.

The Prime Minister’s calling of an earlier-than-expected election means we have moved the planned Make it Count 2013 Election Panel webcast forward to Monday, September 2.

At each election, ACL seeks to serve Christians by helping to make sense of some of the big issues of concern to the constituency. To this end we’ve assembled a quality panel of leading Christian thinkers and subject matter experts.

The Make it Count 2013 Election Panel will be webcast live on Monday, September 2 at 7:30pm AEST, 7pm CST and on delay at 7:30pm for our WA viewers. It is available for churches across the nation to stream into their venue.

The panel will comprise:

  • Rev Dr Keith Garner, Superintendent of Wesley Mission,
  • Hon John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister,
  • Hon Robert McClelland, former Attorney-General and retiring ALP member for Barton,
  • Dr Megan Best, bioethicist and palliative care specialist, and
  • Dr Justine Toh, Centre for Public Christianity.

Fielding your questions and those of a live studio audience, the panel will cover issues of refugees, gambling, poverty, sexualisation of society, family and marriage, religious freedom, life issues and more.

Many of you participated in our very successful marriage webcast last year, viewed by around 25,000 people.

This is a great opportunity to gather as a local church, grapple with the issues and to pray for the election.

Please ask your church leaders if they would be willing to host the webcast at your church.

Material to promote the webcast in your church is available here.

It would be great if you could join us in what we hope will be a landmark election event.

Finally, we have begun an election blog at australiavotes.org.au. The ACL team and I will be providing regular commentary throughout the campaign.

God bless,

Lyle Shelton
Managing Director


    “Just a reminder that NACL doesn’t necessarily endorse everything that is sent out in our emails.”