1. Quentin Bryce: a big disappointment

 2. Soldiers of the Cross  the first feature length film ever produced

 3. New Christian History Textbook available in February

4.Brotherhood takes gospel to biker family

5.Inspirational Stories portrayed through story telling, role play and student interaction 

 6. Don’t worry about global warming – we are entering a new ice age! 

7. Day ofPurity andHumiliation


1. Quentin Bryce: a big disappointment


Family Voice Australia

Ros Phillips comments:

“I first met Australia’s Governor-General Quentin Bryce over 30 years ago, when we were among over 100 delegates to a Canberra conference to mark the UN Mid-Decade for Women,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.

She and I were on opposite sides of the debate for many of the motions put to the conference, and I suspect we both remain firm in our views.  So I was delighted that, as a non-political Governor-General, Ms Bryce refrained from commenting on divisive issues.  She conducted herself with grace and dignity – promoting unity and pride in this great country of ours.

But no longer.

The Governor-General’s recent Boyer lecture, delivered last week, four months before her retirement, has  permanently stained her previous fine record. 

Ms Bryce argued that Australia should become a republic and redefine marriage to mean anything people choose. 

She breached the conventions surrounding her office.  She revealed her hypocrisy in accepting an office that she did not believe in.

She lost the respect of many Australians – even those who shared her views.

I believe she should resign.”

You can contact the GG at http://www.gg.gov.au/about-governor-general/contact


2. Soldiers of the Cross  the firstfeature length filmever produced

Australia’s first film studio The Salvation Army was certainly progressive and innovative in its early approach to spreading the Gospel; the Brass Band – the pop-music medium of the time – is a prime example. However, it is in the area of multi-media presentations that The Salvation Army showed itself as most inventive. Birth of the Limelight Department Captain Joseph Perry, whilst manager of the Ballarat Prison-Gate Home, set up his own photographic studio and dark room. He produced and used his own glass lantern-slides to emphasise his sermons and lectures. Such was the impact of his lantern shows that in November 1891 he was brought to the Melbourne Headquarters by Major Frank Barritt to produce a set of lantern-slides to advertise the forthcoming visit of William Booth to Australia. Thus, led by Major Barritt and Captain Perry, the “Limelight Department” of The Salvation Army was born. LIMELIGHT: THE WORLD’S 1st FILM STUDIO The Limelight Department was the Salvation Army’s pioneering film production and presentation unit in Australia.

Between 1892 and 1909 it produced many productions, including 300 films and the major multimedia presentations Soldiers of the Cross and Heroes Of The Cross. The unit also documented Australia’s Federation ceremonies in 1901. Australia’s first dedicated film studio was created by The Salvation Army at 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne, in a room that still stands preserved much as it was at the turn of the century. Click here to unveil the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s outstanding website about the Limelight film production unit. By 1895 Perry, with his Limelight equipment, had visited nearly every Corps in Australasia, journeying some 46,500 km, presenting religious illuminated shows to some 522 astounded audiences.

 Commandant Herbert Booth was appointed as Australasian Territorial Commander in 1897. Upon meeting Joseph Perry he saw the possibilities in an expanded Limelight Department. He enthusiastically authorised the purchase more equipment, including three gramophones, and importantly, a Cinematographe machine. This led to the establishment of Australia’s first permanent film production unit and saw some astonishing pioneering achievements, including: Australia’s first film studio built at 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 1898. First Australian narrative film on social work, entitled Social Salvation, 1898/99. First narrative drama film presentation, consisting of an ingenious mix of moving film, glass-slides, oratory and music.

Soldiers of the Cross premiered at the Melbourne Town Hall in September 1900. First feature-length documentary film, Inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth, 1901.
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3. New Christian History Textbook available in February

A new bookOne People, One Destiny will be released in 2014 written by Mike Spencer who says:

“The purpose of One People, One Destinyis to show God’s dealings, in the context of a comprehensive general history of Australia. The twelve chapters trace Australia’s heritage from Biblical times through the course of significant Christian influences in Australia’s History”.

 It is interesting that Mike, a New Zealander has written a book on our  Australian Christian heritage the very year that New Zealanders will be celebrating on Christmas Day 2014 the Bicentenary of the bringing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their shores from Australia by Samuel Marsden. (http://www.nchs.net.au/nzgospel.htm)

Col Stringer:

“Mike Spencer has produced an excellent and valuable work in his book dealing with our Christian Heritage. This is a subject close to my heart and is desperately needed to be taught in Australian schools. As we see a continued slide in family values in our nation much of it can be traced directly back to a lack of understanding, honouring and teaching the Christian foundations that have made our nation great. The family is the very foundation of our society, whatever way the family goes – so goes the nation! This is a book that needs to be taught in our public school system and I am happy to recommend it.”

Dr. Graham McLennan:

“This excellent publication is an invaluable resource for all Australians. We have been waiting for a book that brings together our Christian heritage so wonderfully. A very professional contribution.”

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4. Brotherhood takes gospel to biker family


4th Nov 2013

Nick Gilbert

Sydney’s Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club (CMC) is continuing to minister and conduct outreach to the Australian biker community, through direct mission, through motor show events, and even a free to air television show.

The Club, based on land leased from the Diocese of Sydney in Parramatta in Sydney’s west, has been in operation for over 36 years, and seeks to reach people for Christ while being authentically ‘biker’ in culture. In a political culture where bikers are cast as negative influences, Grant Howard, a member of Brotherhood CMC and pastoral Team Leader with its Street Level Christian Community church plant, says there are many positive aspects of biker culture, and many ways in which Jesus can be made known.

“I think lots of people want to belong, and they want to have a family,” he says. “They want to be cared about, and have genuine mates. At the strongest end of the scene, people in the club are really committed to each other. They’re committed to the lifestyle, riding together, and living life together. People often come from situations where they don’t have particularly strong family, and clubs often meet that role. “

However, there are negative aspects to the culture, according to Mr Howard, where it’s important to provide authentic Christian witness..

“There’s a lot of alcohol in the culture, strippers, things that can easily cause people to stumble in their walk with God,” he says. “And so we’re really careful about being watching that line there.”

Greg Hirst, the head of Brotherhood CMC, says it’s really important to them to maintain the fact that they must “be in the world, but not of it.”

In many cases, its the ability of the Club to maintain a true love of bike culture while also drawing a line of separation when it comes to some activities that has forged the relationships the Club has maintained for decades, not only with bike enthusiasts and the police, but also with one percent, or ‘outlaw’, motorcycle clubs.

“They come knowing that being Christians and talking God stuff is part of how we run an event like a motor show,” says Mr Howard, “but that’s ok because they accept us with that. They may not agree with
it, it may not fit into their lifestyle, and what they’re involved with would not be a part of our lifestyle, but it results in that mutual respect, and opens ways for us to point people to the Gospel in meaningful ways.”

Current projects for Brotherhood include its TV show ‘Temporary Australians’, currently airing its second season on Network Ten’s ONE digital channel, which showcases bike culture and the stories of bikers, both Christian and non Christian.

“There’s a mixture of the real breadth of bike culture, including police clubs, Christian clubs, and one percent clubs,” says Mr Hirst We look at the breadth of the culture, withholding moral judgements, as tastefully as we can. People connect to that… Some of the stuff, I’ve gotten feedback on. One of the testimonies, from a guy named Vic, got some feedback on Facebook, and the guy said he thought it was the best story he’d ever heard. People are listening.”

Tim Robinson, the director of the TV show and currently a ‘nom’, or prospective member of Brotherhood CMC, became involved with the club through his work on the TV show. He says he became a part of the club
scene for the first time through seeing how Brotherhood integrated its faith and its culture.

“To me it felt like a natural thing, because I can integrate my faith with what is now my culture,” says Mr Robinson “I love bikes, I love Jesus, I love documentaries, and they all kind of fit together here”.

The Club is now looking to expand its relationships with churches. It’s already planning to bring its experience in motor shows to bear, as it currently runs an annual show called the Silverwater Motor festival.

The club also has experience in counselling and pastoral care, and has a particular heart for men and youth, with many members of Brotherhood having backgrounds in youth work.

Mr Hirst says prayer for the biker community is needed, with many people in the scene thinking through what it means to follow God.

“There’s actually a lot of people trying to figure out the God stuff, just secretly,” he says, “When you’re actually out in their culture, you find this stuff out, because those gospels [copies of Mark’s Gospel published by The Bible Society] are remarkable. At all sorts of motorcycle events, even the wilder ones, people will take a gospel, and they read it.”


5. Inspirational Stories portrayed through story telling, role play and student interaction 

HATS Productions is an educational enterprise teaching children about inspirational people who have made a positive contribution to history and whose attributes make them worthy role models for today’s students.

The presentations are suitable for middle primary to junior secondary students: they are a blend of storytelling, role play, and students acting the story as it is narrated.

HATS Productions has been developed by John Arbuckle in Victoria who is a Secondary History and Religious Education teacher with 20 years’ experience.

The current presentation available is for John Flynn. It describes how and why Rev. John Flynn contributed so much to the development of outback Australia in relation to ministry, communication, transport, education as well as his most famous contribution to medical services through the Flying Doctor Service.

Stories being developed for:

Mary MacKillop:

Australian educator and charity worker

Douglas Nicholls: 

Australian Aboriginal sportsman, justice campaigner and church minister

Caroline Chisholm:  

Humanitarian and welfare worker

Charles Sturt: 

English explorer of the Interior of Australia


Educational and Entertaining

•    Relevant for the Middle Primary to Junior Secondary Year levels.

•    One performance fee for as many students as you want.

Contact:  info@hatsproductions.com.au  website  http://www.hatsproductions.com.au/index.php   Mobile 0402 003 664


6. Don’t worry about global warming – we are entering a new ice age! 

Calm solar cycle prompts questions

SMH Nov 24 2013                                                                                                                    

The surface of the sun has been surprisingly calm of late – with fewer sunspots than anytime in the last century – prompting curious scientists to wonder just what it might mean here on Earth.

Sunspots have been observed for millennia – first by Chinese astronomers and then, for the first time with a telescope, by Galileo in 1610.

The sunspots appear in roughly 11-year cycles – increasing to a daily flurry and then subsiding drastically, before amping up again…

 Quiet year: An image from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory showing a new sunspot, upper right, in 2008.

But this cycle – dubbed cycle 24 – has surprised scientists with its sluggishness.

…The last time that happened, during the so-called “Maunder Minimum” between 1650 and 1715, almost no sunspots were observed. During the same period, temperatures dropped sharply on Earth, sparking what is called the “Little Ice Age” in Europe and North America.

As the sunspot numbers continue to stay low, it’s possible the Earth’s climate is being affected again.

But thanks to global warming, we’re unlikely to see another ice age. “Things have not started cooling, they just have not risen as quickly,” Mr Biesecker said.

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7. Day of Purity andHumiliation

Dr Hilary and Chaplain Paul MoroneyCanberra House of Prayer for All Nations www.c-hop.org.auand Ps Jeff Daly – National Day of Repentance in the USA  www.dayofrepentance.org

Friday – Saturday, November 29-30th 2013 from sunset to sunset


We declare that it’s time to seek God’s Purity for our nation.  We as believers in Christ join together in homes, churches and places of prayer, to worship and focus on the Holiness of our God. We acknowledge our deep need for His help in order for us to follow His righteous ways.

We recognize that the worldly culture has infiltrated our hearts and thinking, our homes, the Body of Christ and our nation. As God’s people, we humble ourselves before the Lord and seek His face and repent of; breaking covenant with God, immorality, bloodshed, lust of the eyes, pride of life, and not resisting the temptations of the evil one through entertainment and advertising. We repent of not living by God’s standards in His Word, including His definition of marriage, and of not partaking of His Holiness. 

We choose this day to turn back into covenant relationship with God, and to leave our old sinful ways behind us.  We seek God’s forgiveness and pray that God will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land, giving us grace to submit to follow Christ’s ways of Purity for His name’s sake, making changes in our lifestyles, through the leading and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  We devote ourselves to sincerely follow His ways as Christ’s Bride, in preparation for His soon return.

Prayer asking for God’s Mercy, Redemption and Restoration

Heavenly Father, we recognise in your Word, your loving warnings to your people Israel, and also through Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, and the writings of the New Testament Apostles to the New Covenant believers, that there are serious consequences outlined in your Holy Scriptures for breaking covenant with you. We acknowledge our sin and pray this day, as we turn away from the world and repent of our fleshly ways, and we seek your forgiveness and desire for you Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, to purge and purify our hearts through the fire of your Holy Spirit, to bring us into a committed covenant relationship with you, to follow your ways of Purity, and to walk in the Holy Spirit as true sons and daughters of the Living God.

We pray this day that you will illuminate the darkened thinking of our minds, and open the eyes of our hearts and understanding by the light and revelation of your Holy Spirit through your Word, that we will heed the seriousness of this hour, in the Fear of the Lord and your wisdom.

Turn us back to be devoted to you, change our tastes, rewire our responses, and channel our passions into worshipping you alone we pray, so that we can desire to come to know you; our Holy and Pure God, and give us the grace to receive the love of your Truth that we might be saved. Open our spiritual ears that we might hear and obey your voice, before it is too late for you to turn back the flood of evil in this hour.

We pray for your divine intervention to heal and soften our hearts, that we might love you, confess how we have fallen short of your Word, and receive your forgiveness through the power of your sinless atoning blood that you shed at Calvary, Lord Jesus. Give us the grace to forgive ourselves for our foolish ways, and others who have defiled us, so that we might enter into the blessing of your joy and peace. Father, we plead your everlasting love for us and the precious blood of your Son Christ Jesus, and the blood of your covenant with us. May the blood of Jesus be precious in your sight on our behalf;  please deliver us from the iniquities of our past generations, personally, of our cities and nation. Remember us for mercy. Reveal your might, your power and your goodness in our day, for the knowledge of the glory of God to cover our city, nation and the whole earth, as the waters cover the sea. We pray this in Jesus precious name, Amen.

Some Key Scriptures to help you discover God’s heart on the issue of Purity & His strategy for us to be restored- please explore as the Holy Spirit leads you during the day; we started at Isa 59:16-21-:

Deut ch 28 & 29; 2 Chr 7:13-15; Neh 1: 2-7; Ps 23:3, 32, 45, 51, 66:16-20;  Isa ch 11:2-5, 9 & 29:11-13 & 53 & 57 & 58 & 59:12-21; Jer ch 6:16-19 & 10:1-11,14, 21-24 & 11:1-8, Dan ch 9; Hos ch 2 & 14; Matt 5:8, 27-32 & 19:7-12; Mark 10:2-12; Acts 3:19;Rom 12 & 13; 1 Cor 2; 5:1-6, 9-13 & 6:9-11; 2 Cor 6:1, 4-8, 14-18 & 7:1 & 11:1-3; Eph ch 5; Gal ch 5; 2 Thes 2:10, Heb ch 12;  Js ch 4; Rev 3:19-21

May you discover the goodness, mercy and blessing of our God on this day and see your prayers answered and Christ glorified.