Multiplying Training in the Northern Illawarra


During the first half of this year a group gathered every second week at Woonona Presbyterian to train in simple skills to multiply disciples. Hazel and I delivered most of this training. 

From the10th of September, six churches in theNorthern suburbs of the Illawarra have partnered to send people to learn these simple skills to multiply disciples.  The first session was attendedby thirty people and led now by Hazel, Pete and Wendy.  We have our first field trip into Woonona this Saturday (10th Oct) looking for people responsive to the Gospel.  We value your prayers for the training that will continue until December, the outreach this Saturday and the short term mission anticipated December 2015 in the Northern Suburbs of the Illawarra. Thanks!

Chuck Wood and Team to Visit Sydney/Wollongong/Melbourne/NZ

Woonona Presbyterian is also hosting a Mid Level training event for people who have begun to make disciples. (October 16th and 17th).  We are praying that those able to benefit can attend and that God uses this event to encourage us to devolop our skills and devotion to Jesus. Click here for more information.

Research Update

As some of you may know I am doing some research into disciple making among those who have attended the introductory MOVE  “Following and Fishing” training .  I was privileged to interview Richard* from Woonona a few weeks ago.  Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Dave “Richard what is the goal of the ministry you are currently involved in?” 

Richard “Woonona is our target group, men and women, boys girls everyone needs to know (the Gospel). My goal is no place left in Woonona that we haven’t visited” …

Dave: “Why did you attend the Following and Fishing training?” 

Richard  “I was challenged in the months before the training at a prayer summit to make myself “totally available and radically obedient to God”. I found that really scary and challenging – and I prayed that prayer. … I interpreted the opportunity of the Following and Fishing training as bit of a step up and maybe that this is where that prayer is leading. I’m out of my comfort zone totally.  …

Dave “In what way has your thinking or paradigm about disciple making changed?”

Richard “The paradigm shift for me is that anyone can do this – if you think you can’t do it you’re wrong. That’s the key paradigms shift.” …

Dave “What would you have said before the training?

Richard  “I would look at a person like Sue or Roe and I would say they are specially gifted and I would just be a support person and make biscuits.” …

Richard is now part of a team sharing his faith weekly in Woonona.

It has been a real privilege to have talked to many people about their disciple making experiences and to have shared peoples success and struggles. 

Let’s be praying that we all are enabled to share the Gospel boldly and graciously while we do have this open door. Col 3:3-4

*Name changed for confidentiality




Iron on Iron


During August and September we were able to partner with 10 people in Sydney and 14 in Brisbane to run two Iron on Iron (IonI) sesssions.  These sessions build on the NoPlaceleft training conducted in early June with Ying Kai and Steve Smith.  An IonI session runs for half a day or so and allows people who are active in the harvest to share and grow as a learning community.  

In Brisbane, my friends Darren and Yun Stone gathered together a number of their Student Life colleagues (photo above) who were joined by a few other local pastors and people in ministry.  I was then able to faciltate a session focused on improving our Discovery Group meeting processes. 

Darren and Yun and team have seen over 30 people come to be followers of Jesus this year as they have trained the students they work with in simple skills to multiply disciples.  Praise God this is very exciting!  Darren and Yun are doing a great job!


Thanks so much for praying for and with us.  We are conscious that without specific prayer support we will not succeed in the task of multiplying disciples and churches. A few things we would value prayer for:

  • Praise God for the six churches in Northern Illawarra who are partnering to train some of their people in “simple skills to mutliply Disciples”  Pray that we find people responsive to the Gospel as we go looking this Saturday 10th October.
  • Tony* who recently committed his life to Jesus (from UOW)
  • Masters research into discipleship (I have  interviewed 16 people – now looking for patterns to help adjust our training!)
  • Woonona Pressy as they weekly share faith and have oportunity to do DBS in homes and host the training in the Northern Suburbs.
  • Neil as he leads people in the Maroubra area to share the Gospel. They are taking initiative to meet new people and create community around food and the Word
  • Mid level training(s) with Chuck Wood and team
  • Thanks for your partnership!


Dave and Sue Milne