An Exciting Opportunity!


Early October one Saturday morning fifteen of us gathered at Woonona to pray and then go and meet our neighbours.  We planned to give a gift (home-made biscuits on this occasion) and share something of Jesus with them in the form of prayer, a Bible story or a simple gospel presentation.  Three team members prayed for us while we were out.

One family I visited that day got my attention as a that place I ought to revisit.  I visted again 2 weeks ago with a Bible and met John*. We had a great conversation (covering the Gospel, the prodigal son, prayer and the wisdom of God) – I left the Bible. I returned again this week as planned and it was raining so we sat inside and did a Discovery Bible Study on Genesis 1.  It was a fantastic time seeing John discover:  “God does it all – what did humans do to deserve this life?”, “I like that we are made in God’s image.”, “Why?”,  “Well – it means we are kind of special”; and then puzzling over humanity having “dominion” over the earth and yet God leaving the earth in need of “subduing” … ?

John’s interest in the Bible is very new, yet his insights and personal application were profound.

Four/five churches from Northern Illawarra are partnering to train believers and work ona Short Term local mission to find more people like John over the November / December period. 

As we train and GO we are praying that Jesus would be Glorified, that many workers would be sent into the harvest, that we would find responsive people and start churches among them. Please pray with us – God has given us a great opportunity!

For information re fasting and praying for this initiative click here.

We really thank God for:

  • Pete Currie’s (WPCC) T4T training in India resulting in immediate PoP searches and ongong disciple making
  • The great team of churches in the Northern Illawarra and the evangelistic team facilitated by Wendy Potts
  • A new DBS in Woonona led by Pete
  • Neil in Maroubra and their prayer and plans for a Christmas mango outreach; lets multiply prayer and workers!
  • Tim and James plans for sharing faith and disciple making
  • students who will reconnect with us after exams and pursue God! Amen!
  • We pray for workers to be sent out into the harvest

*Name changed for confidentiality








Chuck Wood and Team Visited


Thanks to Chuck Deb Bud Dennise Nacho and Darren for visiting from the US to run mid level training in October.  Thanks to all of you who prayed for these events – God answered your prayer! 

It was a very profitable time as we met, prayed read the scriptures and experienced from Chuck and his team some very helpful meeting processes and skills.  We were moved to invest deeply in prayer and abiding in Jesus.  Without abing in Him, we can do nothing John 15:4.  Thanks to WPCC for the venue and Hazel who made it all happen!

It’s Book Month!

Some of you met Steve Smith while he was training here in May.  Steve also writes “fiction” around fulfilling the “Great Commission”! Here is a great book and a great deal on amazon for the next week and a half. Grab this book “Harvest” write a review and get the word out!

Steve Addisons new book “Pioneering Movements” is due out in December. I read an earlier version – it is an inspiring read, I plan to get a copy for many of my friends here. IVP US is taking pre-orders at at 50% discount if you use the coupon code 506-491.

Thanks again for your ongoing partnership in prayer and support! For the Glory of Jesus – All authority on heaven and earth is His.


Dave and Sue