Changing a church culture the easy way.


A local minister remarked that he was working on changing the culture of his church. “Quite a challenge” I agreed.

It can be done, here are some tips:

Firstly, let’s define ‘culture’ as ‘the sum of the of behaviours’ (Don’t describe attitudes, just actual, observable, routine behaviours) 

1. Observe and learn from a good kindergarten teacher!

2. Draft an initial list of say five behaviours that you want to encourage, and maybe just one behaviour that you want to discourage. 

3. Provide appropriate consequences for each of the targeted behaviours.

4.Consequences have 3 aspects:

Sooner or later

Positive or negative

Certain or uncertain

The most powerful consequences you can provide are a combination of a) Sooner rather than Later b) Positive rather than Negative, and c) Certain rather than Uncertain.  

Spend up to a year providing clear consequences for your targeted behaviours. Personal recognition, a note, public affirmation, a phone call, a text, a special contact; there are many ways.

You can still manage the consequences of the behaviour you want to discourage by providing negative consequences that are also soon and certain.

(This actually works, is a common best management tool, and comes from my own experience in heavy industry)

Pray as you seek to apply this to your church situation. Do it in love, confidence and joy and watch the culture change!


Siu Mun has written her eye-opening testimony. Siu is from a Chinese family and has experienced things that we in Australia rarely see. It’s an absorbing one page read with a terrific ending. 


Significant Events:        

16th to 17th May 2014 – Illawarra Missions Day. This year it is being held at the Wollongong Baptist Church 330 Keira Street Wollongong. This an important event for the Illawarra churches. Come and meet some extraordinary people! 

Bishop Reg Piperwill deliver a series of lunch time Bible Talks on “Titus. Fellow Servant of the Apostle” in the Ocean Room of the Wollongong Town Hall. They will run from Wednesday 21 May to  25 June from 12.45pm to 1.15pm sharp. Doors open 12.30pm and close 1.30pm. Notes are provided and there is no charge. All are welcome. This is an excellent opportunity for those who work in the city and would like to take full advantage of their lunch break. 

24th May 2014 7PM – the movie ‘SON OF GOD’has a private screening at Greater Union Cinema Shellharbour. This is a powerful true to life account of the life of Jesus. Tickets are available only through the bookshop at Shellharbour City Community Church   


29th May 2014–  A ‘MOMS’ NIGHT OUT’ is an endearing true-to-life (well, almost) family comedy movie that celebrates the beautiful mess called parenting.
The trailer shows a crazy mix of Christians, bikies, police plus women grappling with motherhood. It is also screening at Shellharbour. It’s about you… but don’t worry it’s a comedy! A great family movie!


30th May 2014Wollongong Prayer Breakfast (includes Shellharbour) This event follows on from the recent Prayer Roundtable held at the Salvation Army Centre in Wollongong. The breakfast will be held at the City Beach Function Centre. Already group tables have been booked, individual seats are $58. The speaker is Kevin Andrews MP. When God’s people unite in prayer, things happen! Follow link to book a table or a place.  If anyone would like to express their thanks to a neighbour (see Day of Thanksgiving item below), fill out the attached form for a chance to receive 2 free tickets to the breakfast  


31st May 2014 – National Day of Thanksgiving  How important it is to intentionally give thanks! The focus this year is on a) those who work in the transport industry and b) neighbours. The website has all kinds of ideas and resources. Besides being just a good thing to do, it’s great for the soul! The official website now includes endorsements from the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. 


14th June 2014Gong Men’s Day. Peter Jensen will be speaking on Men, Identity and Sexuality. Note a testimony from a senior Anglican minister: “I heard Peter Jensen speak on this at a clergy conference quite some time ago. He was brilliant – powerful, humane, humble. He spoke mainly from Eph. 4-5. The Scriptures spoke powerfully through him” (This is not just for Anglicans!) See – Men’s Day Flyer. It is being held at
Dapto Anglican Church – 10.00am to 3.00pm or 5.00pm to 9.30pm – $35 ($25 conc) including roast lunch / dinner.  


26-28th June 2014, ‘Healing from Heaven’ with Chris Gore at Shellharbour City Community Church. See the Healing from Heaven website for details. Chris is a New Zealander and is the Director of Healing Ministries at Bethel Church Redding California. For an insight into Chris and his ministry, see a short interview clip or a longer teaching video conference (which needs a further download due to file size). The conference is all about encouraging Christians to be doing the things Jesus did (Luke 10:9). There are also ministry times.   


City Serve(The local website is under construction and is based on the Newcastle platform). This community outreach is coming to Shellharbour in October! Follow link to see how it works. The mayor of Newcastle gives half his salary to the Newcastle churches towards this initiative! This project gets its own spot on the City of Newcastle website.


Friday Morning Breakfasts at the Hope Centre have a new interim venue:

The offices of Warwick Marsh,  

Dads4Kids & Australian Heart Ministries

Unit 1A Number 33 Central Rd


(Above the Chemist Shop – around the back and up the stairs)

Mobile:  4272 6677 or 0418 225 212




A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds. After explaining the commandment to ‘Honor thy father and thy mother,’ she asked, ‘Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?’

Without missing a beat, one little boy answered, ‘Thou shall not kill..’


Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.

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Blessings, Darryl