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Darryl Stewart


Church Growth in 3 Easy Steps (You are kidding!)


See a testimony from a well known leader who learnt the following points from experience (and desperation). I have edited the points slightly.


1. Fast and Pray
There are many Bible verses that encourage these disciplines (see Luke 18:1-8 and Matthew 6:16,17)
There are folk in the Illawarra fasting and praying right now. I know of a young lady fasting from TV and coffee, another man from computer games, another person from “junk food”. There are lots of things we can fast from besides food. I heard one church leader say he was fasting from being grumpy!
The Gateway City Church have their quarterly week of prayer and fasting June 10-15th. The church prays for our city, their church, their people individually, for people to be saved and healed, and for mission.

(See the Lighthouse Church fasting guide).

2. Have Faith and Faith Goals.
Have a burning desire, a dream
Have clear goals. Talk and listen to God about them
Visualise the dream and goals
Keep praying till it all ‘clicks in your spirit’
Hang around and share your faith with others who have more faith than you

3. Know Our Spiritual Authority 

Our response to a problem is often a bigger problem than the problem 

Walk in the victory won on the cross by Jesus
Be confident in who we are in Jesus (1 John 4:4)

The new Working with Children Check is now out. The phase in program for ‘religious organisations’ begins June 15th. This is coming under scrutiny given recent publicity on the issue.

For churches without a basic tool for managing risks, this guide is helpful. It is a little theoretical but easy to understand and work through. “Basic Risk Management for Churches

Note also, churches are also required to comply with food safety standards.



May 23. Annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfast. See linkfor details and a booking form.The introductory meeting at the Salvation Army facilities at Crown St was very well attended. This main event in May could be significant in the spiritual life of the city. The speaker is Neville Cox, chairman of the Sydney Prayer Breakfast. He will inspire us to bless the city, beginning in prayer with each other. See the article by J Edwin Orr “The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening”


May 25. National Day of Thanksgiving. This is a time for exercising some creative ways of giving thanks. One  local pastor while walking began giving thanks for whatever came to mind. He ended up praying and giving God thanks for many many things. It lifted his spirit.  The NSW Police Commissioner (a Christian) has asked that all churches make a special effort to thank a policeman on this day. (THEY ARE EXPECTING US!) What an opportunity to honour those at the sharp end of our community. See detailed guidelines. The Australian Prayer Network also has some last minute ideas for celebrating this day. See history of APN newsletters. 


29th May 2013 – Men’s Crib Room 

The Men’s Crib Room is a quarterly event hosted by the men’s ministry of C3 Church Thirroul. These nights include a meal, testimony and discussion. 
Men’s depression is an increasing problem in society and within the church. Our “Fighting the Black Dog” event is being tailored to help both sufferers and men in general, to understand the tactics and support structures that are available. Our speakers will include secular and Christian professionals (Alex Darling- suicide prevention & Greg Powell- clinical psychologist), as well as testimonies from past sufferers.


June 22. ‘Gong men’s day.The speaker is Kent Hughes from the USA, who has a ministry encouraging men to stand firm for Jesus. He will be speaking at the Dapto Anglican Church. See flyer for registration and details.


 23rd June to 3rd August 2013Pacific Internship – Discerning Your Calling. See link for contact details


June 23-25. Randy Clark from Global Awakening at Shellharbour Workers Club. See an encouraging ministry clip plus the 3 minute one which directly follows on from it (additional clip)Randy also has sent a brief personal clip to the Illawarra saying how he felt the Lord telling him to come to our region.The evening ministry sessions are called “Kingdom Fire”, focusing on ministering healing. The day sessions are his normal teaching series called “Kingdom Foundations”. These day sessions are focused on equipping Christians to minister in the way that Jesus did. People who are coming from some distance have asked if they could be billeted in local homes. If anyone is able to assist, please contact Bethany Mears on e-mail: bethany_meares@hotmail.com or contact Lloyd Ollerenshaw at the Shellharbour Baptist Church 42968091. Tickets on sale, follow the link (Early bird tickets still available for a short time) 


9th and 10th August 2013 – Dr Graeme Goldsworthy will be coming to the Illawarra for a weekend of seminars and is keen to open these up to the churches of the Illawarra. Graeme is probably best known for his book ‘Gospel and Kingdom‘ which has helped many around the world understand ‘the Bible as a whole, so that we can see the plan of salvation as it unfolds step by step‘.  The seminars will be in the form of a free Friday evening talk which will be invaluable to anyone involved in teaching from God’s word, from Scripture and Sunday School teachers to youth group leaders, campus workers and preachers. A more in-depth seminar will follow on the Saturday, digging deeper into the hermeneutical themes raised the previous evening. The Sat seminar will include lunch. Both seminars will be held at Figtree Anglican Church. See flyer


The Micah Challenge (click for details which includes a 3 minute video). This project aims to halve poverty by 2015. The process is for congregations to view a 71/2 minute presentation, send a letter and a group photo to your local politician, and invite participants to sign a petition. Contact Kylie Dundas (from Woonona Baptist) kyliedundas@optusnet.com.au  0411091362


Friday breakfasts are on     

A breakfast is held at 7 am every Friday. Venue at the House of Hope Food Barn behind the Harvey Norman Warehouse at Warrawong. It’s great fellowship, and occasionally there are special items!


4. Pray with and for other Christian leaders in your area.


Please note and forward any event items which you would like included in the website  


Blessings, Darryl