What does it look like when God touches a city?

Yes; in Australia!

Watch this!

Toowoomba is Australia’s largest regional inland city and services a total local population of around 250 000.

We hear occasional stories of what God is doing there, and maybe don’t feel motivated to check it out. After all it’s up there somewhere in Queensland!

Please view this inspiring short clip.

Q: Could it happen here? Maybe we have some thoughts like……

A1: I’m OK with this in principle, but is it worth the trouble?

A2: I couldn’t associate with people who have ‘wrong doctrines’

A3: My own church and ministry keeps me busy enough.

A4: I would be competing with my denominational relationships.

A5: I’m just not in a position to make these sort of things happen.

A6: To be honest, I’m just worn out.

I would encourage all leaders to read the book “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk. The book explores the cultural foundations behind God’s supernatural interventions into our church world today.
reviews (I have a couple of copies to lend out).

There are people from different churches continuing to passionately pray the Lord’s prayer: “Your Kingdom come… (here, today)”. The answer will include a growing unity of the Spirit, for no other reason that there are no divisions or denominations in heaven.

Cities are touched when God’s people pray together.


Continuing 40 days of Prayer and Fasting link . See this excellent fasting guide from the Lighthouse Church.

March 1. Evangelical Christian Union Uni Starters Day

March 1. World Day of Prayer (Australia). See link

March 1 to 3. Rev Dr Peter Kumar at Shellharbour City Community Church, Shellharbour. This speaker moves in the gifts of prophecy, healing and deliverance. Contact 4297 3549 or mail@sccoc.org.au.

March 8,9 T4T training starts. See link for details, plus a resource.

March 23 MAF Discovery Day at Camden airport. Would you like a real hands on flying lesson?! See link

April 4-7 VMTC Healing Training, see link

May 15-18. ACL World Congress of Families.

May 23. Annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfast. See link for details. The introduction meeting at the Salvation Army facilities at Crown St was very well attended. Booking forms are available. This could be a key event in the spiritual life of the city.

June 23-25. Randy Clark at the Shellharbour Club. The evening ministry sessions are called “Kingdom Fire” and the day sessions are his normal teaching series “Kingdom Principles”.


Friday breakfasts are on again

A breakfast is held at 7 am every Friday. Venue at the House of Hope Food Barn behind the Harvey Norman Warehouse at Warrawong. It’s great fellowship, and occasionally there are special items!

4. Pray with and for other Christian leaders in your area.

Please note and forward any Events items which you would like included on the website 

Blessings, Darryl