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Canada is changing!



A young Christian woman in Canada, along with some passionate intercessors,
are significantly touching their nation. See

  Interestingly, the text includes the words “Culture of Honor” (see below)


 In this 6 minute Youtube, we could insert “Australia” for “Canada”  



The book “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk explores the cultural foundations behind God’s supernatural interventions into our world today. See reviews   


Easter is a busy time for churches. We have a special request from Keiraville International Church to publicise an Easter Sun Rise Service at Stuart Park, North Wollongong, Sunday 31, 0600 – 0700. There will be singing, testimonies, a brief talk by former Archbishop Harry Goodhew and a light breakfast at 7 am. It would be a great place to take overseas students or non churched people from any background.   


Jono Hyratt has had quite a journey from drug addict to church leader – click here and here to read more. Jono has his testimony on a DVD for anyone looking for a resource for working with addicts.

A local pastor was sharing the other day about how he used to introduce himself as  “I’m a _______ minister”. On thinking about how it must sound to others, he now says “I’ve got the best job in the world!” (and leaving room for a response) “I get to tell people about Jesus!”   

For people who are a little afraid of Scripture Teaching but love kids, please check out the amazing program from World Vision called “One Hope“. It’s a one on one mentoring program in schools designed to help students who have special needs. See link  (which includes a short video clip)

A recent Australian Prayer Network newsletter had a few powerful items worth reading, see link:

Rob Siver from Uniting Care and the Corrimal Community Baptist Church died from a short battle with cancer on Wed 20th March


Continuing 40 days of Prayer and Fasting link . See this excellent fasting guide from the Lighthouse Church


March 23 MAF Discovery Day at Camden airport. Would you like a real hands on flying lesson?! See link 


April 4-7 VMTC Healing Training, see link


April 10 Phil Pringle at Gateway Church, see link 

May 15-18 ACL World Congress of Families.     


May 23 Annual Wollongong Prayer Breakfast. See link for details and a booking form. The introductory meeting at the Salvation Army facilities at Crown St was very well attended. This main event in May could be significant in the spiritual life of the city. The speaker is Neville Cox, chairman of the Sydney Prayer Breakfast. He will inspire us to bless the city, beginning in prayer with each other. See the article by J Edwin Orr “The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening”


May 25th National Day of Thanksgiving. This is an ideal time for local churches to plan some special community encounters. Churches can invite local community leaders to their services to honour their roles, or maybe make a special effort to say thanks to local people on the front line (police, hospitals, schools, service organisations etc). There may be some creative ideas like asking the local supermarket manager if a few ladies could give the ‘checkout chicks’ a big hug and a small gift for their gracious handling of the public. Maybe we could just thank the neighbours around the church for giving up their street parking on Sundays. I have heard of churches shutting their doors on Sunday and the the whole congregation visiting other local churches with no other reason than to simply bless them.  


June 23-25 Randy Clark at the Shellharbour Club. The evening ministry sessions are called “Kingdom Fire”, ministering healing. The day sessions are his normal teaching series called “Kingdom Foundations”. These day sessions are focused on equipping Christians to minister in the way that Jesus did. Early bird tickets now on sale, follow the link 


Friday breakfasts are on      

A breakfast is held at 7 am every Friday. Venue at the House of Hope Food Barn behind the Harvey Norman Warehouse at Warrawong. It’s great fellowship, and occasionally there are special items!

Pray with and for other Christian leaders in your area. 


Please note and forward any event items which you would like included in the website  


Blessings, Darryl