My promise was that when I met Fahari at the end of May, I would hug him on your behalf. Mission accomplished!


To the Illawarra Breakfast Poets,

One behalf of Fahari and his parents, I thank you with all my heart for your assistance in acquiring medical  help for their son. The restoration of health and happiness in the life of a three year old child in Burundi (Africa) has been a joy to witness.

Your generosity will never be forgotten!

My greatest achievement this year was overcoming the reluctance of a very shy three-year-old. Fahari had never seen umuzungu (a white person) before. But with perseverance and the help of a pink balloon, the battle was won. When we left Makamba I was told Fahari cried for an hour and even now keeps asking
‘where is Mama Lynne?’

Other achievements include feeding street children, supplying food for widows, clothing for the destitute, hospitalisation & medication for a widow, school fees for orphans. Education is of extreme importance for these young ones to make a secure future possible & help stabilise their country.

Plans for a return trip are under way. Burundi is a country that appears to have been forgotten by the rest of the world. Our hope is to be able to set up a kind of health clinic in the future, able to advise and teach on hygiene &  health principles.

Pascal & I have other ideas germinating as well.

Lynne Drake
Woman with a Mission
Caring for Orphans & Widows of Africa