Nothing is more important to me than to see us mere mortals really expressing our true feelings to those we count most important. We need to know these intimate emotions and life strengthening feelings, never left to wonder or guess.

 Life spirals downwards when love is perceived to be missing. What a travesty to keep locked within the very essence of existence…God designed, God given

This thing called ‘love’…

The most important words in the world, despite the language within which they are encased… 


“I love you”.

From the smallest meaning to the largest.

Encompassing feelings of close friendship.

To the tender possessiveness of nurturing & protecting a baby. 

To the raw unbridled passion that causes us to surrender all that we have and all that we are to another person, in a life-long bond of commitment.

To all the hard-won friendships in between.

To the absolute ultimate: knowing, receiving and reciprocating the unbelievable, immeasurable, inexplicable and most of all, undeserved, the all encompassing love of God Almighty, Who will never change how He feels about you, just as you are, right now.


With Love, 


from Lynne Drake, Woman with a Mission.

Lynne Drake
Woman with a Mission
Caring for Orphans & Widows of Africa