My healing started a couple of weeks before our Randy Clarke conference.

I had a brain haemorrhage 17 years ago. As a result of angiograms etc I have been left with a brain injury that has caused a weaker left side and a very numb left leg. At my worst I wasn’t able to walk unaided, feed or dress myself etc but after having 3 different lots of hyperbaric treatment I am pretty well back to normal except for the numbness in my leg.

We had Marion from Cambodia come to our church (SCBC) at the end of May to talk to us about the healing happening in Cambodia. 

I am a singer in our worship team and after we had finished singing our second last song, our other singer Judy touched my arm and told me that Jesus had told her to touch my arm and my leg would be healed.

We were singing our last song and I could feel that my left leg was just feeling a bit different. It’sabit hard to describe as it is numb but I kept moving my foot around and putting my foot down and just kept on wriggling my foot and it just felt really funny.

When we had finished singing I said to the worship team Judy, Lloyd and Michelle that I thought my leg had been healed as it was feeling a bit odd and funny. I turned to the congregation and told them and said I will walk up the stairs and see. It wasn’t all as calm as it sounds now.

I have been unable to walk up and down stairs, gutters etc unaided for 17 years. I was able to walk up our 3 stairs up and down a number of times very easily and then we went out the back and I was able to walk up the flight of stairs to the first floor!

There was much laughter, tears and rejoicing in the goodness of our God.

There have been 3 more occasions when I have felt that numbness has decreased even more.

I still have a numbness in my leg but just to be able to get up and down stairs unaided is incredible. It is still hard to believe and I still forget and go to grab a railing. 

I have been taking every opportunity to tell of the goodness of God and just how great and awesome he is.

People who know me can see the joy and excitement that is still there after such an incredible healing. Family and friends can see what I can do now that I wasn’t able to do before. It is a great witness to the incredible greatness of God, especially to non Christians who know me.


Margaret McCaughey

Shellharbour City Baptist Church