Latest News from Toowoomba

Pastors and leaders meet together in diverse ways, examples below:

Every Thursday morning for an hour and half of worship, prayer, sharing, fellowship.

Once per month small accountability groups (3-4 in each)

Small regional lunch groups for snr ps…aprox once per month.

Traditional ministers association three times per year.

Senior ps strategic lunches to discuss strategy over something we are planning together. These as needed.

Five snr ps meet with the mayor once per month.

One snr ps leads Family Week ….a very impacting group in the city.

One snr ps works with Tish and the mayor on the strategy to make Toowoomba a porn free city.

Three snr ps are leading the Easter festival that fills the centre of the city Easter Saturday.

Three snr ps lead wonderful, but separate city wide healing ministries….all with a difference emphasis….but all would support each other’s efforts as well.

A young ps leads a city wide worship night twice each month.

A ps co ordinates RI in schools on behalf of the church of the city.

A ps leads the mayors prayer breakfast on behalf of the mayor.

The City Women is a powerful group in the city with good support.

Some of the best soul winning church’s are also the busiest so often don’t get to many things. But varies.

Some businesspeople are very involved in various activities.

Many younger Christians are involved in political areas with the result most of our key politicians are now Christians.

One church champions the domestic violence cause that has a big focus annually.

We have Christians involved in most spheres of city life in a variety of ways.

Too many of our churches see little conversion growth but some are very anointed in this area. One ps told me he had close to 300 saved this year with nearly all still in church. I know City Women have about 80-90 converts they are discipling at the moment. They would be the best two examples but quite a few other churches would have seen growth this year as well.

Several churches report how easy street work is now and how responsive people are to be witnessed to and prayed for even in public. This is way different from a few years ago.

Before we began praying as ps there was not one really life giving church in town but now there are dozens of them.

One young man said in their church plant in his house group of 23, half were unsaved.

People ministering where there is community pain are reaping a harvest, especially teenage girls who feel oppressed.

We just want to encourage ps and leaders all over the nation that this is a new season and God is at work in a fresh way. I believe the main season of harvest is ahead of us. I was with a group of young people praying over the city tonight and the sense of God at work and the coming break through was just powerful. Very thankful to the Lord.