Before the world cup in 2010 I thought I was hearing from God “it’s time for a new kingdom adventure”. As I was not sure I let it lie. Then again in on 15/10/2011 I attended the Willow Creek Global Summit and the challenge that came out was in the form of a question “Are you ready for the next assignment”. The speaker prompted the facilitator to hand each one at the summit a piece of pottery that came from what looked as a smashed clay jar or similar. He challenged those present to right on it “God I am willing for the next assignment”. Not being sure what it would lead to, I participated in it. It appeared that the challenge was directed at me. You know how preachers pick on individuals as especially if they don’t know youJ.

So after speaking to my wife and asking God to put it in the hearts of my kids, we eventually mustered up enough courage to hand in our resignation to our church board. This was a very difficult time as it was hard leave a loving, growing, body centred ministry church.

We left Adelaide and hit the long road to Wollongong for the purposes of planting a church. Keep in mind we did not know a single person in Wollongong. We did not know where we were going to live. We arrived here and it was a whole new world.

As time passed by God added people to our lives that would be a part of this kingdom venture. Gabby has a great school, Bernice just been blessed with a permanent job and I have the freedom to make connections in the community.  Living by faith has now become a reality outside of the pulpit for us. It was easy preaching to others but now it’s exciting living it, especially as one does not know what the very next day holds.

We are trusting God to build His church as He says He will. We will do what Mary did when anointing Jesus feet. Jesus said to the disciples to leave her… she did what she could. So I believe this is the recipe for the planting of this church here in Wollongong. We are partnering with God and His people, doing what we can. The name of the ministry is JOY. J –Jesus –O –Others –Y- yourself. We believe this ministry is Gods call for us at this time in eternity.