Our church had turned a corner bought a building, was healthy and happy.
I was excited about the future, not just for our church but our city, and to go with whatever God had in His plans for us.

I was healthy and active, going to the doctors was a rare occurrence for me, but over a two month period in late 2011 I went three times to my GP (a friend) as I was getting increasingly very tired. It was after a third visit blood test result that I was sent for an ultrasound, and on these results, I was told by my GP “the horse has bolted”.

After a series of further tests and scopes the oncologist report could not have been worse: stage 4 oesophageal cancer, primary 4cm dia, secondary in the liver, 8 tumours the largest 8cm long. The type of cancer I had was incurable, treatment would only extend by a few months the 3-9 months that I had left. This was confirmed by two other oncologists.

I believed God could heal me, and I knew I was in a win win situation. Times of doubt and fear crept in. I was seeking God in prayer looking for answers. The Holy Spirit gave scriptures like Romans 8:28 a whole deeper meaning for my family and me. In Acts 12 Peter was in prison facing death, but through prayer by the Church was led out miraculously by an angel. As fearful as Peter was while passing guards who would have killed him at first sight, God made a way. Could He make a way for me as well?

God also used this to deal with things in my life I did not realise we’re grieving the Holy Spirit. I felt the joy and love of God in a new and refreshing way. There have been set backs; nine months with another tumour on my brain, severe sickness and tiredness. Losing other brothers to cancer was the hardest to cope with.

I am a different person to that I was almost two years ago, and would not go back to being the normal healthy “Christian” I was before. (I am not wanting though to give any glory to cancer that comes from the enemy, not our loving father). I still have not had physical healing, but doctors amazed how well I am doing.

In Spirit I give thanks every day as a victory for Jesus stripes on the cross. My wife and I live each day not worrying about tomorrow, and are grateful for the love and prayers of our brothers and sisters in many other church’s as well as our own. I feel like I am crowd surfing on prayer. The strongest answer my wife and I have had from The Lord on this journey is a simple one each day “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all we need for that day in life and ministry will be supplied”.


God bless,

Kim Iredale