Rev Thayil John heads up a very unique work, the Keiraville International Church.


This fellowship currently has folk from around 20 different nations attending. Since its beginnings in 2009, the church has touched people from 43 countries. They have seen nearly 60 new Christians, mainly from the university either become part of, or pass through the church.


The church program is very full and well organised. There are 10 Bible study booklets that new Christians work through. There are numerous fun, adventurous and practical activities which provide ample opportunities for evangelism and building relationships. Australian Families are encouraged to provide hospitality to overseas students. There are also activities such as fishing trips, the “Fun-Food-Friday”, learning how to service cars, cultural nights, and the Sunday afternoon BBQ.


Behind all this activity is a mission passion born in Thayil when he was 11 years old in South India. His “style” is strongly relational and sees Western culture as very individualistic. The ‘glue’ that holds this church together is a strong sense of family, of belonging.


Thayil is a passionate leader where his Indian cultural roots provide a strong family orientated church