Just a Thought Series by  Lynne Drake  Woman with a Mission                

Just a Thought
One of the major blessings of life is the amazing function of our memory. Along with that we are also given a Treasury of the Heart, within which we can file those special jewels of every day – our memories. Some memories are tinged with sadness & others with brilliance & joy but they all add to the total sum of who we become as we travel our own personal Road of Destiny. The pain that some thoughts produce are better left in the Sea of Forgetfulness, & wisdom is allowing the Lord Jesus Who redeems, restores and heals, to deal with those matters less a destructive root of bitterness spring up. Savour the successes, the beautiful moments and the love you have known.  (Heb12:15, Rom 8:28; James 1:5)

Changing Attitudes

For some reason today, I recalled what my attitude toward God used to be. As young as 4 years old I already had an opinion…His attitude toward me was obvious…He didn’t care. I was not what you would call a cuddly kid, more prickles than a porcupine even at that tender age. The ability to weave stories peppered with lies & fantasy was all ready being perfected. My imagination was unbelievable but also my safety valve & became my Hiding Place. This persisted into my teenage life and beyond. All because of two people that could not reconcile & a Legal Device called Divorce. No matter how I would stamp my foot & demand that God appear, He never did. But my immaturity did not allow for His only Son, Jesus Christ. Thirty years later Jesus turned up in my life. WOW! Transformation!

Suddenly the sky was bluer and the trees greener.

Now I see God, el Shaddai, the God who is enough… everywhere I go. I see Him in the changing face of the sky – storms, rainbows, lashing torrents to translucent, gentle drops.  I hear His voice in the whispering leaves of wind-swayed trees. My heart is captured by the gurgling laughter of a happy child. I weep at the Face of Poverty. I only occasionally stamp my foot at God now because I am wrapped in His love & I know He forgives; I am held firm in His promises. I try not to argue for He is Truth always. I no longer need proof, HE IS.

My attitude now toward my God, the Father to the fatherless, is so different that I long now only to live for Him. To make a difference…because of Him.  Two photos attached: Me  as I saw myself as a child, & me as I pray that I have become – broken for His purpose, with a heart for the lost & despised; born to become a Woman with a Mission.  

Lynne Inarukundo.



Nothing is more important to me than to see us mere mortals really expressing our true feelings to those we count most important. We need to know these intimate emotions and life strengthening feelings, never left to wonder or guess.

Life spirals downwards when love is perceived to be missing. What a travesty to keep locked within the very essence of existence…God designed, God given

This thing called ‘love’…

The most important words in the world, despite the language within which they are encased… 

 “I love you”.

From the smallest meaning to the largest.

Encompassing feelings of close friendship.

To the tender possessiveness of nurturing & protecting a baby. 

To the raw unbridled passion that causes us to surrender all that we have and all that we are to another person, in a life-long bond of commitment.

To all the hard-won friendships in between.

To the absolute ultimate: knowing, receiving and reciprocating the unbelievable, immeasurable, inexplicable and most of all, undeserved, the all-encompassing love of God Almighty, Who will never change how He feels about you, just as you are, right now.

Another Thought

Who can take the broken heart & heal it?
turn the damaged life into a work of art?
Restore shattered dreams & turn paupers into Kings?
Only God Almighty,
El Shaddai, the God who is Enough!
Our part is to establish our life in Him,
Turn our faces, fears and faith back to Him
In prayer
For He delights to answer…
the same, yesterday, today &  forever

Just a Thought
I am always fascinated by the way our mind works, almost independent of ourselves. I am also convinced that our heart thinks and speaks just as clearly. While watching a documentary about Italy and the surrounding islands, I was entranced by the beauty of these amazing sculptures created by the hand of the Lord, His heart poured out in technicolour across the terrain like a Master Artist. My thoughts wandered, imagining how wonderful it would be to visit these places, soak in the sights, and stay in expensive villas. An echo followed swiftly as the whisper of my heart responded…     ‘I would be equally as happy, even more so, sitting on a dirt floor with my refugee friends in Africa, eating beans and rice again, listening to their stories’. Yes, the heart speaks, and with it comes the truth,  naked and unadorned, bringing fresh insight as it reveals reality in the innermost depths. Once we start living in the Kingdom Realm, we look at everything from a different perspective.


Just a Thought
Recently I officiated at my mother’s funeral. As I pondered what to say, I was struck by the rapidity of passing time, the stupidity of holding a grudge, and how deeply the heart can be scarred.

When the day comes for a summation of our own life, I wonder what kind of material we will have left behind with which to write the script?


Just a Thought
Life is tenuous at any time, so let’s pay more attention to the moment we are in.

No matter who we are, what we do, what we accumulate, how high the ladder we climb – at the end of the day the only thing of any real value or importance are the relationships that we have.


Just a Thought
The just shall live by faith. Faith sings while IN prison, not after it gets out.

Faith fights while still in chains, sings in darkened places, opens prison doors and shuts the lion’s mouth.

Soldiers are formed on the battlefield, not in the barracks, so don’t back off when trouble comes calling; you have weapons enough to defeat the enemy.


Just a Thought
Autumn winds whip the ocean into a swirling mass. Circumstances can stir up turmoil within us, too. We have never been promised a problem free life, but we have been given the ability to overcome. Mountains may block our way, Goliaths scream empty threats, but in the midst we can know an internal peace. This cannot be ordered from Amazon, or bid for on eBay. If we trust God, keep our mind set on Him, we are given His peace, a peace that  beyond explanation.


Just a Thought
Listen! I hear rain on the rooftop! Now it’s cold, windy and wet!

But we need the rain as relief from constant heat!

When days arrive unbidden that make us feel emotionally cold and alone; warmth is found in reaching out to others.

When tears of grief and pain rain down, the Lord of Comfort is never closer.

Just as the winds of winter will lead us into the warmth of spring, so too, hope and new beginnings will be birthed in our heart.


Just a Thought
The days of our future stretch before us like an unpainted canvas, so let’s do our utmost to decorate it creatively by using words that will lift the heart of the downcast, lessen the woes of the worrier, encourage the fearful, and create an atmosphere of hope and expectancy. This is not a mere challenge, but a calling.

‘For by our words we will be acquitted or condemned’. (Matt 12:37)


Just a Thought
“The past is a place that should rarely be visited.  Rather like going into a museum, where everything is dead, mistakes can’t be revived, undone or changed. The best things to bring from the past into the present are the lessons we have learned with which to create a better future.

The decisions we’ve made before seemed right at the time; we did all that we could with what we had, to the best of our understanding.”

Just a Thought
Time stalks stealthily in the silence toward dawn. In this stillness I rehearse the familiar events of the past months as I sip my hot tea. Life has changed. The familiar are now missing. Make a resolve… lock determination toward these coming adjustments that beckon with outstretched arms lest withdrawal’s enticing pleas overpower. Change is inevitable; meet it with the same resolve of the past, appropriating yet again the power of the same, reliable Holy Spirit of God of the past years. Faith + God. = Victory.


Just a Thought
“There is no pill or potion that can remove the pain of the past as rapidly as the grace, the mercy, the loving kindness and the forgiving heart that God Himself is forming within us as we follow His word.”


Just a Thought
God never makes mistakes; which is probably why He is so adept at untangling ours.


Just a Thought
Who knows what the Lord has before us as He regulates the time of all things; can we outthink Him? How often do we of feeble and finite mind, struggle against the Power that orchestrates the carolling of birds and the whispers of trees? When will we surrender thinking only within the confines of man’s knowledge and embrace the limitless abundance of The One who exhibits His artwork as a masterpiece called ‘The Universe?’